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I Am... - ADISC.org That one should work.

EDIT: Wow that automatic parser is great moo. I entered www.adisc.org/forum/showthread.php?t=2005 and it automatically changed it to this. nice.


I Am... - ADISC.org That one should work.

EDIT: Wow that automatic parser is great moo. I entered www.adisc.org/forum/showthread.php?t=2005 and it automatically changed it to this. nice.
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Book #1

Chapter 1: Say Goodbye​

"To the world you thought you lived in"

A sigh, the deep breath that represents thinking or depression. Slowly sliding the small mp3 player into his pocket the hybrid takes another deep sigh looking into the snowy sky. Snowflakes falling on his muzzle and nose melting from the warmness of his fur. He slides off the roof and continues walking as he watches the bank offenders being subdued and taken away by the police. Walking to the back alley a few streets down to his car he hears a pathetic whimper. Flipping up the collar to his pitch black denim jacket to keep his neck safe from the chilling touch. Breathing into his hands he walks by a shivering and crying fox. The hybrid looks down and gets the slight feeling of concern but continues on to his car. Getting in, his ego gets the better of him.

"****" he sighs as gets out of his vehicle

The small fox wipes chilling tears from his face fearing they would freeze on his cheeks and muzzle if he left them. Shivering he tries to cover his face and ears in the white hoodie. The hybrid kneels beside him putting one of his paws on his back. Shocked, with slight fear, the fox looks up to the hybrid.

“You okay kid?” the hybrid asks with care in his eyes that envelops the young fox in a slight safe mood

The fox says nothing but begins to cry again.

“Aww... Don't cry bro...” the hybrid gently wipes the foxes tears with a gentle thumb.

“Life is good, Christmas is coming, School is out, you shouldn't be crying it's a happy season”

The fox continues crying, slightly harder though.

“Oh, umm... You're Jewish? Shit...” the hybrid says looking down and slightly to the side

“So Sorry bro... I had no idea....”

“I'm... not... I'm not Jewish...” the fox replies sniffling and coughing some

“Oh! Alright. Well... What's your name?” he asks politely


“That's a nice name... Quite funny actually. It means “twin” right?”

The fox looks at the hybrid strangely with a sense of confusion.

“Well, my last name is Yammari. Which means twin as well.” the hybrid says with a hint of brightness in his voice

“ I didn't know my name meant twin... I... My... P-Parents” the fox replies bursting into tears again

The hybrid tilts his head slightly sideways and continues the conversation.

“Well, my name is Corri. How old are you? You look far to young to be outside on your own.”

xdeadx tries to speak but can't and continues crying.

“Come on, sit up. You are gonna get hypothermia sitting on the ground like that ” he says wiping the foxes tears and pulling him up into a straight-up sitting position against the brick wall.

He throws his denim jacket over the shivering fox. xdeadx smiles slightly from the warmth, making Corri feel better.

“There we go, that's what I like to see a smile. So, I ask again, how old are you?”


“Whoa... you are my age! Are you sure you're sixteen? You don't look it... well I'm seventeen.” Corri says with slight disbelief


Rubbing his chest thinking to himself what to do next, Corri says, “What do you say we get you something to eat, and some warm clothes? You look freezing in those shorts and that sweater.”

“I'd like that” xdeadx says with a slight smile

Corri holds out his paw to help xdeadx up. As they both walk Corri's car the snow stops falling, and the sun breaks through the clouds shining a ray of light throughout the street.


Some time later after a Delicious meal, and some minor store hopping, Corri ever curious speaks to xdeadx;

“So... where do you live?” Corri asks while putting the bag of new clothes into the back of his car that he had just bought from the mall.

“I...” hesitating at the first thought and shrugs continuing, “I don't know. I don't really have a home.”

“Oh... kinda like me. ”

A surprised look flew across xdeadx's face as he said this.

“Well, I have a home now though.”


“So, why don't we hang out there for a while? Get in touch with some of your family members, and get you where you belong. With them”

Tearing up and sniffling some xdeadx says in a lowly tone, “ I don't have any family...”

“Oh... Well... We will work something out” Corri replies taking out his cell phone and dialing a number.


“Ultiva...” he says with a slight pause after words

“No... We couldn't...”

“I made it out... but... No... They didn't.”

“Mmhmm... Right.”

“Don't expect me to come back, I told you today was my last day. You can find someone else to fill my slot.”

“Alright. Bye..” Corri said quickly as he slammed the phone shut quickly shouting out a joyful, relieving “FINALLY!!!!” which left xdeadx flinching.

Looking over confused Corri asked, “Something wrong xdeadx?”

“N-No, I'm fine...”

Corri rubbed the side of xdeadx shoulder as a show of care and comfort. But glancing up into his rear view mirror he knew this act of care was going to have to wait a while. Focusing with both his paws on the steering wheel once more he plainly and calmly said to xdeadx, “Hold onto something.”

Accelerating to nearly max speed Corri drove the car as a large pile up moved forward. As xdeadx covered his eyes with his paws and whimpered as the car was fishtailed. However afterwards, the car came to a gently stop.

“Ugh... Well” sighing and looking downward Corri said, “Today just isn't my day”

Quickly running out of the car, Corri went over to help the other people in the crash.


~ Some understanding...~

"Umm... Corri" xdeadx says nervously while walking over to Corri.

"Yeah?" Corri says while looking up friendly at xdeadx.

"There's... umm..., Uhh... " xdeadx mumbles while looking down.

"Whats wrong?" Corri says looking deeply concerned.

xdeadx looking glassy eyed sighs "There's something... you gotta know... and I just hope you don't change your mind about everything after I tell you..." xdeadx begins to cry slowly before saying; "I really appreciate everything you're doing for me"

Corri leans forward as xdeadx continues,

"I-I'm incontinent... if you know what that means..." he sniffles and wipes his eyes.

Corri trying not to laugh, "Oh okay."

He smirks, and giggles. "I'm not laughing at you its just, I thought you were gonna come out to me or something. It's not a big deal."

xdeadx sniffles a little bit, " So... it's okay?"

Corri puts his nose back in his book "Just clean up after yourself, and we'll have no problems."

xdeadx begins to cry again "Thanks..."

"Why are you crying?" Corri says empatheticaly.

xdeadx whines "It was always my fault... a bad thing" he cries harder.

"Ohh...." Corri sighs as he leans forward a little more to calm xdeadx down.

"Don't dwell on the past... its the past... its over, and it can't hurt you." He says. xdeadx tries to calm down but, fails. Corri places a gentle hand underneath xdeadx's head, picking it up to his eye level and placing a finger on xdeadx's lips softly shushes him. xdeadx stares back with teary eyes and sniffles. Corri gently hugs xdeadx, as he gets up.

xdeadx softly says, "Thanks, for understanding everything"

Corri looks at xdeadx inquisitively "Your welcome?"

xdeadx looks down at a steady stream of warmth coming down his leg, "Uhh, Corri... we kinda need to..." he says.
Corri sighs and tells xdeadx to change and get to the car.

"Can't have my leather seats getting wet! Damn shrinking cows..."

xdeadx's eyes well up a bit "Ya"


As xdeadx slides out of the bathroom he says "I really like cargo shorts"
"Well that's why we got them right?" Corri says with a smirk.
"Yea... can we get more... later on..." xdeadx mumbles.
"Nah, I have got a much better idea" Corri offers as they exit the house and head to the vehicle.

"It feels so weird.." xdeadx says entering the car.
"What does?" Corri inquires.

"Riding in the car... in the seat" xdeadx says gently.


%%%Six Months Pass%%%

Chapter 2: Falling​

The panther-fox hybrid Corri and and the now slightly bigger, less starved and skinny fox xdeadx, walk out of school for the last time. Leaving behind a sense of pride and accomplishment. The sky was empty of everything besides the bright yellow sun resting in the baby blue sky. Such a peaceful day.

“So... How does it feel to graduate early xdeadx?”

“Heh, great!” xdeadx replies with a sense of overcoming joy

“I wouldn't know...” Corri says lowly looking down at the gray sidewalk playfully

“Aww... Don't be sad! You helped me graduate early and now we are both finished with school! This isn't the time to be sad!” xdeadx replied happily but continuing with a slightly different tone that had a small mix of sadness in it, “I'm really thankful you know... School isn't very fun for me”

Corri looks over to xdeadx with a glazed look in his eyes.

“We gotta celebrate! Let's go to the park” xdeadx said smiling widely

Snapping out of his gaze Corri replied, “Huh?”

“The park... We should go celebrate. You know, have some fun. Let's go”

“Eh... I was thinking about seeing that new movie Twenty-One” Corri said rubbing his own shoulder

“Ugh, we can do that afterwards! I wanna go to the park, and then like go get some Jaguar Juice” xdeadx said with another wide smile

Pursing his lips and looking upwards at the clear blue sky, “Alright” Corri says

xdeadx hops into the Corri's car. Before getting in himself, Corri puts the top down to the Jaguar convertible. Nodding and starting the car Corri says, “Alright, let's go.”


They head off the campus and drive down the slick new black asphalt of the road to the park. However, Corri was going the wrong way. After xdeadx mentioned it he pulls a really fast U-Turn throwing xdeadx onto his shoulder. Giggling he keeps driving towards the park.

“Grawr...” xdeadx mumbled as he sat up off Corri's shoulder

Corri Laughs loudly and gently taps the back of his paw on xdeadx's chest. xdeadx forces a smile.

“GHOST RIDE THE WHIP!” Corri screams excitingly

He throws the car into neutral and tells xdeadx to hold the wheel. xdeadx holds it just as he was told and Corri climbs out of the seat and stands on top of it in a surfing position! xdeadx is giggling as he holds the wheel yelling, “You're so wild!” with a brightness in his eyes and a wide smile.

“Yeah I know...” Corri replies hopping back into the seat and throwing the gear back into drive. xdeadx lets go of the wheel still giggling some and lets Corri take control again. Pulling up at the park stopping the car Corri says, “ We are here...”

xdeadx undoes his seatbelt and gets out slightly as Corri takes the keys out of the car and puts them in his pocket leaving the panther imprinted lanyard hanging out of his pocket.

“What are we gonna do?” Corri asks inquisitively

“Well play of course” xdeadx says while tapping Corri's nose, “And you're it...” he finishes as he runs off playfully.

“Heh... Not very bright are you?” Corr says. And as he watches xdeadx playfully run off he counts down. 3... 2... 1... Taking off at a full sprint he appears quickly right beside xdeadx screaming, “Hi!”

xdeadx looks awkwardly at him saying with a slight frown, “You're not supposed to catch me.”

Corri tags him saying, “You're it!” and runs towards the play gym. Jumping from one small step onto the slide and then over into the small encampment above the slide; he stands over the slide, taunting xdeadx with a playful dance. xdeadx tries to run up the slide but slips and slides back down to the bottom. Looking back up at Corri, now sitting down, he giggles. Again, he attempts to run up the slide this time making it up and tagging Corri on his bottom paw. Sliding back down and giggling slightly he screams, “You're it!”

However, before xdeadx could even stand up to take off, Corri jumps down quickly and gracefully saying, “Nuh-uh” And tagging xdeadx.

“Cheater” xdeadx says with a wide smile.

Corri turns around with a sly smile to walk away, but xdeadx pounces on his back as trying to get a 'piggy-back ride'. With a slight meep Corri falls to the floor. Rolling over onto his back xdeadx is still sitting over him smiling brightly. Corri smiles back slightly feeling somewhat awkward. xdeadx eyes begin to glaze over... Corri tilts his head in a wondering look. “Umm...” xdeadx says slightly to himself.

He gets up off of Corri and looks an unrelated direction. Corri scratches the back of his head before he gets up. Smirking he says, “Race Ya!”

They both run off after xdeadx's small growl and run at about to the car until xdeadx stops breathing heavily. “Forget it! You can win all you want” he says while still breathing quickly somewhat.

Smiling and walking back some, Corri stands on the sidewalk waiting for xdeadx to catch his breath so they could continue on to Jaguar Juice. After catching his breath xdeadx walks up beside Corri and the both begin to walk across the street. Corri randomly loses his balance and slightly bumps into xdeadx. xdeadx smiling playfully bumps back into Corri somewhat. Giggling, Corri smiles and looks forward. xdeadx, slyly looking down without turning his head down so Corri would notice, looks at Corri's loose paw swinging slightly as they walk grabs it. Corri's expression changes violently and he flushes a light shade of pink around the cheeks. xdeadx quickly comes up with an excuse, “Umm, gotta hold paws while crossing the street!” he yells smiling.



Arriving at the smoothie shop Jaguar Juice, Corri opens the door. And stands slightly to the side allowing room for xdeadx to walk in.

“Umm...” xdeadx sighs letting go of Corri's paw and entering the store. A blast of cold air greets his face. He smiles slightly and walks up to the shiny, silver counter where a pink bunny cashier awaits him. Corri sighs walking in. xdeadx's ears perk up and he looks over asking, “Which one do you want Corri?”

Opening his wallet he kinda looks at it awkwardly. “Well... I Only have five bucks so you're gonna have to choose one for yourself.”

“Well, can't we share?” looking up at the choices for the fruit to be in the smoothie he thinks out loud, “Umm.... Let's get...”

But before he could choose Corri took the words out of his mouth and grunted, “Pomegranate... And Strawberry...”

“Okies!” xdeadx said while walking up to the bunny at the counter, “One Extra Large Pomegranate and Strawberry please!”

“Large xdeadx... I only have...”

xdeadx cut him off before he could finish his sentence, “It's Friday, students get 25 percent off remember!”

“Oh yeah...”

“Can I see your student ID please sir?” the cashier asks.

xdeadx hands his ID to the bunny and she looks at it quickly after which handing it back. “Okay so... Your total will come to” pressing buttons on the small electronic cashier she comes up with the reduced total, “4 dollars and 88 cents”

Corri hands xdeadx the 5 dollar bill and xdeadx hands it to the bunny cashier saying, “Change is tip” with a wide smile.

“Oh and can we have two straws please?” xdeadx asks politely

A few minutes later the cashier places the smooth, thick, red smoothie onto the slick reflective silver counter. The clear plastic cup clearly showed all the delicious red smoothie. The cashier says peppy like, “Thank you, have a nice day!” while placing a bendy straw into the cup.

“Umm... Two straws lady” xdeadx says slyly smiling widely

“Err...” she says sticking another one into the cup, “Enjoy...?”

“Thankies!” xdeadx says quickly grabbing the smoothie

“You two... have a good time...” the bunny says weirdly.

Turning around smoothly by sliding his foot paw across and over the other, xdeadx walks towards the door. As him and Corri walk out of the store Corri takes hold of xdeadx's paw. xdeadx doesn't say a word but looks at him. As they walk out together they are greeted by a friendly warmth emanating from the sun. They walk over to a small picnic table outside the shop and sit at opposite ends as xdeadx places the smoothie in the middle of the table. He works the straws so they point in direction to him and Corri. Corri bends his head down to the smoothie and takes a sip of it feeling slightly awkward then pulling his head back. xdeadx bends down taking sips of the smoothie smiling. Corri bends down taking a sip at the same time and gets that glossy look in his eyes. He tries to look away but he can't. Lost in xdeadx's eyes he stares. Into the emerald green swirls he fell. Somewhat subconscious he sucked slowly on the straw filling his mouth with the lovely taste of strawberries and pomegranates, but not taking his eyes off of xdeadx's. But it isn't just him, xdeadx's eyes are locked with Corri's. But before xdeadx gets that glossy look he looks down, then he glances back up. Corri places his paw on the table as xdeadx takes his mouth off the straw and looks down. “I Love Jaguar Juice” xdeadx says rubbing the back of his head.

“Yea me too...” Corri says slowly taking his mouth off of the straw as well.

xdeadx takes another sip of the smoothie glancing up at Corri who is shaking his head.

“Is it me, or is it REALLY hot out?” Corri asks

“Eh... It's not really that hot. It might just be your denim jacket” xdeadx says pointing at it

Pulling out his knife, Corri takes off the jacket. He flips open the knife and quickly cuts the sleeves off. Tossing them in a nearby trashcan he puts the jacket back on. “Oooo, Tough guy?” xdeadx says teasingly, “Bad ass Cowwi?”

Corri flushes slightly pink again as xdeadx giggles smiling widely. Corri finishes off the smoothie but xdeadx grabs the cup taking out the straws and the top. He sticks his muzzle in it licking the sides getting the last bit of smoothie. Corri licks his teeth just as xdeadx pulls his muzzle out of the cup, which is now slightly covered in pomegranates and strawberries. xdeadx smiles widely licking his teeth as Corri quietly says, “Uhh... xdeadx..”

“Ya?” xdeadx replies continuing to lick his teeth

“A question...”


Sighing slightly Corri says, “Never mind... Let's go see that movie.”

“Umm, Okies” xdeadx says with that wide smile again.

Yawning and stretching Corri stands up saying, “Come on”
xdeadx stands and looks over at Corri. Corri motions over xdeadx with a slight paw movement. They walk across the street, as Corri grabs hold of xdeadx's paw. They both walk over to the car getting in their corresponding sides. Corri flips on the radio. Music begins playing...

``~ Such great Heights, postal service~``

The music continues on as they pull up to an ATM. Corri exits the Jaguar and walks up the ATM while xdeadx waits in the car. He withdraws $150 and walks back to the car. Getting in he turns the dial of the radio, changing the station.

``~And I have to speculate that God himself... Did make us into corresponding shapes like~``

Corri turned the dial quickly before the song could finish.

``~This is the way you left me, I'm not pretending.
No Hope, No Love, No Glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's fore-~``

Corri slams the button to turn off the radio. “Eh... Let's just ride to no music.” Corri says quickly

“Grawr Fine...” xdeadx says with a slight frown


They pull off again down the road to a busier, main road. The wind blowing in xdeadx's hair as he sticks his head over the door. Having the top down to the convertible added to the messiness of his hair after they got out . Corri looked at him and chuckled. xdeadx grabs his backpack before Corri locks the doors and puts the top back up. They both walk up to the ticket booth. Corri buys the two tickets and they walk into the theater, which is surprisingly nearly empty. xdeadx whispers into Corri's ear, “I kinda need to change first Corri...”


They both walk into the bathroom and xdeadx enters a stall. A few minutes later and after a few loud bumps xdeadx comes out freshly changed and holding a dirty diaper. He quickly runs to the trash can and tosses in it. He then walks up to the sink and washes his paws.

“There now we can go” xdeadx says smiling.

Corri nods walking up to xdeadx. He takes hold of his paw, “Stranger Danger you know...” he says awkwardly.

xdeadx giggles and replies, “Ya!” with that bright smile.

Corri swiftly turns his head and licks xdeadx's muzzle. xdeadx stands there in shock and Corri looks down and to the opposite direction, badly embarrassed. They stood there for a second or two. xdeadx staring straight ahead in shock and Corri looking downwards with a pink shade. After a while they continue on to the theater. They take a right and walk down the neon lighted hallway filled with numbers. They walk all the way to the back and enter theater number twelve. Which was the movie Twenty-One. They sit down in chairs next to each other, but Corri looks slightly stressed and about to cry.

“What's wrong Corri?”

Corri looks the other direction still. xdeadx sits upwards some and puts his face in front of Corri's. Beginning to get teary eyed xdeadx asks, “Did I do something? Corri, talk to me...”

“No... you didn't... I'm... I'm sorry...” he says looking down a bit

“Co... Corri...”

“For back there...”

“What do you mean?”

“Licking... Licking you... I shouldn't have done that...”

xdeadx stares into Corri's eyes which are somewhat glazed and slightly filled with tears. Corri stares back. xdeadx leans closer to Corri... Corri leans back slightly in his chair... And they kiss. xdeadx kisses Corri for a few seconds and then leans back into his seat staring straight forward into the movie screen. Corri puts his paw on the armrest. He turns his head and stares at xdeadx. xdeadx creeps his paw up to Corri's who takes hold of it. xdeadx turns facing Corri... Corri smiles and leans near xdeadx's ear. “I... I...”

xdeadx finishing his sentence says quietly, “I love you”

The theater lights darken some and the movie begins as xdeadx leans onto Corri's shoulder.


Chapter 3: Ignorance and Fun​

Waking up in their beds, the two boys looked over at each other. Corri arose from his bed, looking not much different after two years since meeting xdeadx, and walked the small distance across the room to xdeadx's. xdeadx however, had changed much. Growing in size he looked like a teen now, even though his teen years were almost over. Kneeling beside him xdeadx stared into his eyes. Corri stares back. “You know... I have been craving that hot brunette on the box of Sunmaid Raisins.” Corri says softly.

“What???” xdeadx replies with misunderstanding and shock.



Corri pokes xdeadx, making him flinch a little and move. Poking him again xdeadx giggles. Corri leans closer and nibbles on xdeadx's ear. xdeadx meeps a little looking a different direction. xdeadx licks Corri's muzzle slightly, Corri nuzzling xdeadx gets up on his bed and lays next to him. xdeadx rolls ontop of Corri cuddling him. For a while they just sat there cuddling. Feeling so happy and content with each other, they soon fall asleep.


Waking up some time later Corri notices that xdeadx is still soundly asleep. He slides away from the bed trying not to disturb the soundly sleeping fox. xdeadx rolls over and begins to suck on the sleeve of his sweater unconsciously. Corri stands up on the wooden floor of the bedroom and stretches.

Corri, slowly makes his way to the kitchen to make breakfast. He heats up a skillet pouring in batter and slamming some non-pork bacon into the oven. Several minutes later Corri is laying out the steaming hot plates with fresh strawberry, and maple syrup.

xdeadx, sniffling at the air, comes down to the table and sits down smiling up at Corri. “Morning” Corri says nodding.

“Morning!” xdeadx says excitedly scratching a little at his chest fur, while Corri rubs the tender area from his new tattoo.

“Awesome! I wants one” xdeadx meeps.

”Yeah.. but you have to get it the same place as me.”

“Okies, where is it ?” xdeadx says digging into his pancakes , strawberry syrup and butter dripping off his muzzle.

”Down in the city, right off Bracket Avenue. But... umm” Corri takes a bite and chews it slowly before saying; “Anything you want to do today? We have off, or at least I do.”

“Hmm… get the tattoo! For surely!” xdeadx smiles. xdeadx’s eyes widen.

“Come here” he says quickly.

Corri slowly follows xdeadx into the living room.

“Tickle fight!” xdeadx screams while tackling Corri to the ground.

”Oh waits!” xdeadx sputters while taking off his ankh necklace. Corri quickly pulls xdeadx to the ground tickling him all over.

“Fine fine you win! Stoooop!” xdeadx squeals.

After a round of giggling and a hug or two xdeadx hangs his head. ”Whats wrong?” Corri says mildly concerned.

“Nuffin” xdeadx says while playing with his paws.

“Common.. no cubbin out today, Be your actual age for today” Corri says happily while dragging xdeadx by his paw to the bathroom.
After they both showered, changed, and gotten clothed for the day, xdeadx impatiently waits for Corri who is still fussing with his hair. He later emerges and greets xdeadx warmly. “Finally” xdeadx says relived.

"Wait.. lemme do my hair…” xdeadx says quickly while ruffling his own.

"There!" he says smiling widely.

”Ugh…” Corri sighs as he ushers xdeadx into the bathroom.

”But...” xdeadx yelps as Corri runs thee thousand different products through xdeadx's head.

“There, muuuch better!” Corri says lifting his paws from xdeadx’s head

“I hate hair spray” xdeadx says while wiping his paws against his tongue to get the taste of hairspray out.

"Ya, sorry... Sacrifices must be made." Corri says shrugging his shoulders

xdeadx rolls his eyes when Corri suddenly throws a clip on earring onto xdeadx's left ear. xdeadx making a weird face to Corri said, "What's this for?"

"Nothing, but we could get you the real thing today also." Corri says slamming his 12 gage through his ear

"Oww... Shouldn't have left that out for so long" Corri says rubbing his ear

"Well, if we do get me the real thing. I want some ankh earrings"

"Well... Ankhs... Will make you look... Female?" Corri says weirdly

Frowning xdeadx replies, "How come?"

"Ankh earrings are for Vixens..."

Frowning more xdeadx mumbles, "But... I wanted somefing Egyptian looking"

"Eh... We will find something for you" Corri says smiling


Walking down to the car, Corri grabs his keys and hops into the drivers seat. Sliding in xdeadx leans his head back against the headrest and buckles his seat belt. Corri stares slyly ahead into his rear view mirror. He pulls out and flies down the mountain road. Nailing each turn perfectly, sending xdeadx sliding back and forth through his seat. An approaching hill... Corri turns to xdeadx, who holds his breath slightly. He slams his paw on the gas and jumps the hill, the engine of the car screaming. Screaming "**** Yeah!" while the car is in the air Corri smiles. The car lands and he slows it down with a bright smile on his face. Corri pulls onto the I:95 and continues the long drive. After some time xdeadx looks up and asks, "Are we there yet?"

"We got a bit of a ride ahead xdeadx, and I told you to act your age..."

xdeadx whines and leans his head against the car door.

Confused Corri asks, "We drove 95mph down a mountain road, and got nearly 4 seconds of air time... and you are bored?"


"Fine then..." Corri replies sighing. He guns it weaving through the traffic on the highway and takes an exit, pulling over at a restaurant for food. Putting the top up he looks over at xdeadx who rests his head on Corri's shoulder. Corri rubs xdeadx's back. "Tell you what... We go to someplace special to night, someplace that I decide, and you can cub out all day up till that point." Corri says looking down at xdeadx.

"No, it's Okies... I won't cub out, but we can still go to that special place you want to go to"

"Alright." Corri says getting out of the car. xdeadx gets out as well and Corri opens the door to the Sushi place for him. xdeadx walks in soon followed by Corri. They sit at a booth room, and Corri orders some Hibachi and Sushi. The food comes and xdeadx stares at it menacingly.

"You'll like this... Don't worry"

The very... big Siamese cat began to cook the food in front of them. He flips onions over cutting them quickly making a huge fireball come out from the volcano shaped onion pile. He then throws a knife into the ceiling. Corri and xdeadx look at it when it falls and cuts the chicken perfectly. He then uses knifes to throw the food onto xdeadx's dishes. Not a second after, Corri's small side order of Sushi comes. "See that was cool wasn't it!"

xdeadx smiles and giggles with wide eyes. Corri scoots close to xdeadx who hugs him tightly. "Thankies Corri"

"No problem"

xdeadx begins chowing down while Corri slowly eats his food. He puts a huge glob of wisabi on a scallop hand roll and noms on it. xdeadx finishes right at the same time Corri does. Corri smiles brightly, enjoying the after taste of his delightful sushi. "That was nummy" xdeadx says smiling.

"Hold on..." Corri says slyly motioning for a waiter. A brawny wolf, sitting directly to the right of xdeadx stared over at the two awkwardly. xdeadx looks over at the wolf then quickly in another direction, then back at Corri. xdeadx smiling widely at him with a slight distressed look, Corri notices the wolf and immediately stares at him. He whispers something to the waiter, who smiles and leaves.

"Whatcha say to to her?"

"One more thing, then we'll go. You'll see"

Corri snuggles close to xdeadx and licks his muzzle. xdeadx pushes him off however.

"Oh??" Corri says surprised that xdeadx did not want a hug.

Whispering into Corri's ear xdeadx says worryingly, "Stop... he's looking at me weirdly..."

Whispering back Corri replies, "I know"

The waiter comes back with some ice cream, drizzled with chocolate and caramel. xdeadx smiles widely his emerald eyes lighting up with joy at the sight of the caramel dunked and chocolate covered ice cream. He grabs a spoon nearby and digs into it. Woofing it down, his muzzle now covered in caramel and chocolate xdeadx licks his teeth grinning. Soon after Corri finishes his last bite. "Alright let's go."


Corri holds his paw out in front of xdeadx, who takes hold of it. Corri helps him up off the bar chair and pays for the food not letting go of xdeadx's paw while he does so. xdeadx looks at Corri inquiringly and says, "I said I was fine silly... I don't need to cub out today"

"Who said anything about cubbing out? I just wanna hold your hand is all... That too much?"

"No it's okay."

As they walk out the door to the Sushi place Corri notices the wolf waiting for them. xdeadx frowns at the sight of him and Corri steps a little forward.

"Where you fags going?" the wolf asks meanly

"xdeadx... Go back inside..."


xdeadx let's go of Corri's paw and backs away some. "Corri... Let's just..."

Screaming angrily and intimidatingly the wolf yells, "I ASKED YOU DAMN QUEERS A QUESTION!"

xdeadx flinches at the loudness of his voice. He backs away more shaking in fear. Corri stands straight and still staring back at the wolf.


Calmly sighing, Corri replies, "Unless you desire to bleed today... I suggest you walk away now"

Rubbing the chain of his ankh necklace, xdeadx says with fear in his voice, "Corri, just stop... let's just go..."

Approaching, with a challenging look in his eye, the wolf says, "Yeah? What are you going to do?"

"Walk... away..."

"Corri don't!"

The wolf lurches quickly at Corri. Moving in a flash, Corri hammer fists the wolf, knocking him down, but as he does fall down Corri knees him in the face.

"That... is what I will do..."

"Fuc... y...ooh... quh...eer..." the wolf barely manages to get out coughing

"I told you once to shut up... Now you can either do that, or I can teach you another lesson by beating the hell out of you again?"

The wolf gets up and slowly walks to his car. He struggles to get in but once he does he drives off fast. Corri turning back to xdeadx smiles.

"Problem Solved. Come on xdeadx..." he says holding his paw out again.

"I'm sorry you had to see that..."

xdeadx, who is stunned, doesn't move. Corri walks next to him and rubs his back.

"I told you to go inside..."

"You didn't have to do that though... We coulda just walked away..."

"No... he would have tried an attack on you. The whole time he was screaming he was looking directly at you"


"Trust me... I know these type of people"

"This type of people?"

Corri opens the care door for xdeadx. "Haters, Violent ones... They are all the same"

xdeadx gets in, Corri shuts the door for him and gets in on the drivers side.

"Again... Sorry you had to see that..."

"It's okay..."

Corri puts his paw over xdeadx's. Tears forming his eye. " try not to let anyone see that side of me... It's not me..."

xdeadx hugs him saying, "It's okay, let's just go"

Corri says, "Thank you..."


Driving off to the tattoo parlor xdeadx, who had fallen asleep on the way there, was leaning against the car window. Corri awakens him by nudging him some.

"Come on Atts. Wake up"

Corri walks out of his side and around the car over to the passenger side. Opening the door, he wakes xdeadx up. Holding his paw guiding him over to the building. xdeadx wakes up slightly when they are in the building and Corri sets him in a chair where the Cheetah Tattooist awaited. The cheetah was getting ready to ink it out with sharpies. "Like this sir?" he asked xdeadx.

Corri nudged the nodding off xdeadx. xdeadx rubs his eyes and looks at the drawing. "Ya, just like that" he blurts out while yawning and pointing at the symbol.

The symbol was easily drawn by the tattooist. As he had done one exactly like it before. The two triangles attached at the tips by a purple circular ball were green and black. They had somewhat string like lines curving out the two side vertexes; they wrapped around the purple ball and curved into the opposite side vertex of the other triangle.

"Oh, like Corri's over there?"

"Ya, but on my forearm" xdeadx replies yawning

Corri holds xdeadx's paw. xdeadx squeezes Corri's paw meeping and screeching as the tattooist begins with the process.
Soon after a few tears, meeps, and cries of pain the tattoo was done. "Done!" the cheetah says cleaning it with alcohol and putting a gauze pad on it. Corri wipes xdeadx's tears. "Not so bad huh?" Corri asks

xdeadx sniffles and was about to get up until Corri said, "One last thing... Look over here xdeadx."

xdeadx looks over and just as he does the tattooist moves quickly piercing xdeadx's ear with an Ankh earring. But it wasn't a normal ankh, this particular earing looked more like a dagger with just an ankh topping. It felt heavy on his ear, the gold made his ear tilt slightly downwards. Corri smiles and xdeadx rubs his ear feeling the earring. Corri licks xdeadx's muzzle. "Okay, we are done now, I swear" Corri says.

xdeadx smiles and rubs his ear some. Corri and xdeadx walk out of the store and get in the car. The sun still hung high in the sky and they made there way home. "Okay, let's get home, and get a nap... You're really gonna need it" Corri says smiling.


"You'll see..."


Corri walks into the bedroom where xdeadx lies sleeping suckling on the sleeve of his sweater with a plushie in his arms. Corri walks up to him smiling widely. He taps xdeadx slightly to wake him up. xdeadx takes his sleeve out of his mouth slowly and looks up to Corri. They smile at each other. "Have a nice nap?"

"Ya..." xdeadx replies yawning

"Good, get dressed..." Corri says quickly grabbing a nice green and black flamed Hawaii shirt and khaki pants.

"What's that for?"

"You'll see, just put these on" Corri said. xdeadx realized that they were identical to the clothes Corri was wearing now. Corri went into the bathroom to finish doing his hair as xdeadx got up to change. After xdeadx was finished changing, in both meanings, he went into the bathroom ruffling his hair. Corri doesn't bother doing xdeadx's hair, he finishes up his own and grabs his keys. xdeadx throws on his Ankh necklace and follows him. xdeadx smiles and asks, "Want to tell me where we is going now?"

"When we get on the road..."



Corri slowing down slightly on the road feels the thump of bass in his chest. xdeadx looks out the window slightly away from them was a wave of bright lights and a sound of thumping bass. Right at that moment Corri turns to xdeadx and says, "We xdeadx, are going to a club!"

"Cool!!" xdeadx replies excitingly. He pulls at his new earring. Feeling around it's dagger-like form. "I really like this earring"

"Good..." Corri continues lowly, "It's also a tracking tag"

"What was that?"

"Nothing" Corri replies quickly


They arrive pulling in through the dirt road to the back of the club they recognize a familiar munk sitting on top of a box near the back door.
Corri pulls the car to a stop and gets out. xdeadx rushes out and over to the little munk in neon clothing. "Howdies Tavi!"

"HIYA!" Tavi replies. He opens up the back door and the techno music blares loudly. Tavi hops up onto Corri's shoulder and the three walk in together. xdeadx pulls at his ears in reaction to the loud music. Drew screams over to him, "You'll get used to it!" and pulls xdeadx over onto the floor and begins to dance. Tavi Dances on top of Corri's shoulder. xdeadx however, turns his head back to Corri and begins to dance less. "What's wrong?" Corri asks.

"This is weird..."

"Look at the DJ xdeadx..."

"No not that... Before... Remember earlier today..."

"Yeah...? What about it?"

"The wolf... The really mean one..."


"He's dancing over there with some vixen" xdeadx finishes pointing.

Corri looks over and gets a smug look on his face. xdeadx with a frightened look on his face looks back to Corri and stops dancing.

"Watch this..." Corri says slyly

"No let's just go somewhere else... Like..." xdeadx says trying to finish. But it was to late, Corri had already made his move and was nudging up next to the Vixen. He whispers something in her ear. She suddenly stops dancing and slaps the wolf right across the face! Corri and the Vixen walk back up to xdeadx, who has a suprised look on his face.

"She's my sister..."

"LOL!" xdeadx says smiling

"Did you just say lol?" the Vixen asks giggling a little while Corri is dancing with Tavi, who is standing an a Bar.

"Eh... No" xdeadx says sticking his tongue out.

"Yeah you did..."

"Nuh uh..."

"So... You're the one huh?" the Vixen asks with a smile on her face. She scans xdeadx with her eyes from bottom paws to tip of ears.

"What do you mean?

"THE one"

xdeadx looking confused asks, "Do you wanna dance or somefin?"

She shakes her head and points at Corri, "His one..."

"I dunno whatcha mean..." xdeadx says, and then bouncing up and down slightly asks again, "Wanna dance?"

"No, I've had my fill tonight... After that wolf..."

"Aww but... I wanna dance with you..." xdeadx replies frowning

"No No No... It would make the story to awkward!"


Giggling again she says, "Nothing!"

"Fine, I'll go dance with someone else then" xdeadx says frowning and crossing is arms

Pointing at Tavi and Corri who are standing right behind xdeadx now she says, "How about them?"

"He tryin to put the moves on ya sis?"

"Everybody does Bro..." she says giggling and waving goodbye as she walks out the backdoor.

"So uhh.... What was that?" Corri asks xdeadx


"What was that?"

"What was what?" xdeadx says quickly looking a different direction

"Never mind..." Corri says lowly and sets Tavi on xdeadx's shoulder

Corri pulls xdeadx onto the dance floor and dances next to him. Tavi dances on xdeadx's shoulder as xdeadx bounces up and down to the beat.


The loud bass began thumping even quicker. The tempo sped up and xdeadx began bouncing more hyperly. "I love this song!" xdeadx shouts out.

"Good... Dance with Tavi for a sec I'll be right back"

xdeadx bounces up and down somewhat by himself as Tavi dances on his shoulder. Corri walks dodging the random dogs, cats, wolfs, and all other sorts of furs you can imagine. But soon he comes over to a particular wolf... Walking up next to him. Staring him in the eye. "Want to get a drink Tavi?" xdeadx asks. Nodding yes Tavi and xdeadx head off to the bar. "Though, you'll have to buy it..." xdeadx says giggling some. They arrive at the bar just as Corri steps right in paws distance of the wolf.

"What are you staring at me and my friends for?" Corri inquires

"None of your business you half breed ****..." the wolf says angrily

Looking at the wolf angrily Corri replies, "Look, Tell you what... either you can stop staring at me... Or I beat your ass again? Which will it be? Ignorance and Pain again?"

"This..." the wolf replies firing a shot from a handgun into Corri

People scream, Reva the DJ cuts the music. People scramble around wondering what happened. Corri falls backwards onto his back bleeding looking up into the strobe and neon lighting of the scene.


Chapter 4: The After Party​

Corri sits at a hospital emergency room bed with an EKG beeping steadily away, xdeadx ever committed at his side. When Corri’s breathing suddenly changes, xdeadx looks up. “Corri?” xdeadx sputters weakly.

Corri flat lines and goes limp. xdeadx screams as Nurses and doctors rush in, pushing him out of the room.

xdeadx sits outside the room softly crying, he flashes back to the bank. In his mind sees his uncle fall, and the small explosion, all the people being killed. xdeadx drops his paws, and looks at the floor. “Now they are both gone…” xdeadx spurts out quietly.

'Time of death, three a.m.'


Suddenly Corri’s back arches and he begins to breathe again, the EKG starting back up and stabilizing. The doctors once again taking his vitals to check for any problems.

“Comon sir.... stay with us...” They mutter as Corri stabilizes.
xdeadx looks back with a smile, still teared up at the stable, but comatose Corri.

“He seems to be stable again, but we aren’t certain.... Obviously we need to hold him for a while X-rays couldn’t find the bullet.... so it may have worked its way out, or it may be hidden.... but how much blood he has lost tonight we cant risk a surgery.” The doctor says to xdeadx quietly.
“oh...” xdeadx replies sort of distracted.

Corri shifts his head a little while grunting. The doctor snapping his head over to him, Corri goes back out again.

“I suggest you stay the night, he is aware of what’s happening some what, it would help him a lot.”

”Umm... Okay but I need to get... stuff” xdeadx says quickly.

”Do you have any medical needs that we need to know of?”

The Doctor says monotone.

”Incontinence” xdeadx blurts out quickly while beginning to blush

"Ah... Okay then..." the doctor replies in the same monotone voice

"Well, I will need a few details. Such as... Size for starters."

"Oh... umm small." xdeadx says sheepishly

"Okay, I'll send for a nurse to bring up supplies for you."

"Ya... okay... thanks" xdeadx says trying to smile

After the doctor left he ushered in a nurse to watch over Corri. xdeadx sat down making a weird face. After some time of sitting there a nurse came in to switch shifts with the other nurse. xdeadx looks up at the nurse holding a tray with his supplies; a package of adult diapers, a generic bottle of powder, and a packet of generic wipes. To his surprise it is Layli, the vixen from the club, Corri's sister. xdeadx lets out a slight meep sound and looks back down. She look over at Corri in the bed, dropping the supplies she rushes over to Corri. She covers her mouth whispering out, "Oh my god..."

Layli snatches up the chart off of the holder in the front of Corri's bed and flips through it. Her knees begin to buckle and she puts the chart back. She walks up to xdeadx sighing. xdeadx looks up at her. "Who did this?"

xdeadx looks up and replies, "That wolf... The one that was dancing with you; the same one that was messing with us earlier."

"Are you sure" Lalyi asks seriously

"To my understanding... Yes"

She sighs and looks at a small insignia on her paw. She then walks over and picks up the diapers and spilled powder off the floor and sets them on the nightstand next to Corri's bed, slightly holding herself up on it. "Take care of him..."

"I will" xdeadx says firmly "He took care of me for so long... It's only fair I try and do the same"

"My shift is over in about two hours... I'll be here if you want to know anything" Layli says. She looks down at Corri and thumbs his muzzle.

"You be good now big brother... no more stupid stuff... We agreed..." she continues tearing up. Wiping her eyes she looks up. "Right... I have a CAT scan to do..." she states with a monotone. Layli walks to the door suddenly stopping and looking over her shoulder.

"xdeadx... You are the luckiest fox alive..."


"Let's just hope it holds out" she states as she walks out the door and down the hall to the geriatric ward.

xdeadx stands there for a moment. He turns around and walks to the nightstand and opens the slick, white generic package of "Underwear for the Incontinent". Taking out one diaper and grabbing some supplies he turns around to see no bathroom. "Uhh..." he says thinking. He looks around the hospital room and notices the hanging curtains. He walks up to them looking for the string to move them. After dropping the powder and nearly falling trying to reach for the string he grabs it and pulls the curtains so that they cover the a very wide space around Corri, who still lays comatose in his bed. xdeadx sits down on the floor and changes. After he finishes he puts the supplies back on the nightstand and pulls the curtains back open. Sighing he plops down in the uncomfortable chair. Just as he does that Corri comes back to consciousness.
"Woah... how'd the hell I get here?" Corri says curiously.

xdeadx jolts up rushing to the bed. He nearly trips and falls but catches his balance and stops suddenly right in front of Corri exclaiming, "Corri!"

Weakly smiling Corri replies, "Hey..."

xdeadx pulls down the bedrail to the hospital bed and hops up in the bed hugging Corri tightly. "Why do I feel like I was just got shot?" Corri says slurring his words confusingly.

"Corri... you did"

"Uh... ohh..." he barely gets out while breathing weakly

xdeadx stops hugging him and lays relaxing beside him. With a slight fear and realization to where he was Corri asked slowly, "Are we at Strathmore?"

"Ya... Your sister came to uhh... bring stuff. You should talk to her next time she comes back."

"Ah... She's gonna chop my balls off and eat eat em for this..."

Just as he finished saying that the doctor walked in talking to a nurse behind him. "Ya, we may have something ba... Oh never mind then" he concludes while clicking his pen.

"So how are you feeling sir?" he asks as xdeadx hops quickly off the bed embarrassed slightly. Corri lowers his ears as xdeadx sits down in a chair blushing slightly.

"Well that's a 'stupid question... I just got shot" Corri spits out in disgust

"Don't be mean" xdeadx quickly replies before the doctor can say anything

Corri looks up cockeyed at xdeadx "You get shot and see how "receptive" you are"

"That's no excuse to be an ass" xdeadx replies quickly folding his arms staring at Corri.


Corri sticks his tongue out. "Fine be that way" xdeadx says snobishly looking away from Corri. Clearing his throat the doctor continues, "Sir... Are you feeling any numbness anywhere? Can you move everything alright?"

"I'm pretty sure..."

"Okay then." the doctor replies with a monotone taking out a small mallet and a pair of surgical pliers. He taps and pinches Corri in various places checking his reflexes.

"Yes Yes I can feel all that fine..." continuing with a slight motion to his lower stomach, " I feel like I have to take a leak though..."

"Ah yes, that be the catheter" the doctor replied with the monotone voice again

"I figured as much." Corri said smartly

"Well, we want to keep you here under observation"

"Sounds good... 'suppose you ain't moving me tonight huh?"

"We'd like to leave you in trauma for the time being."

"Okay... Thank you doctor... and..." Corri looks over at xdeadx who is still faced towards the corner of the ceiling in the opposite direction and then continues shyly, "Sorry..."

xdeadx shouts while looking back at Corri with a smile, "Yey!"

Looking back at xdeadx smiling slightly Corri replies, "Happy now?"

The doctor looks down onto Corri and says rather weirdly, "Jolly Good!" and then leaves the room.

xdeadx giggles and walks back up to the bed. Hopping up in it he hugs Corri. "Ow! Watch the would will ya...?"

"Oh sorry..." xdeadx says trying to snuggle with Corri without hurting him. Just as they began nuzzling Layli walks in.

"Oh..." she says giggling

"I'll leave you too alone. But you mister" she says pointing at Corri and continues, "Your ass is mine"

Blushing badly xdeadx hops out of the bed and walks away saying, "You can talk to him I'm gonna go get some food!"

"So... Corri... How'd this happen?"

"I got shot..." Corri says with some sarcasticly.

"Yes i know that, but how?"

"I don't remember quite clearly..."

"You're such a twat! I thought we agreed we stopped doing this stuff..." Layli said angrily

"I did... As far as they know I'm dead..."


"Ya... Though I'm sure it was that wolf from the club... And the fact that there was a lot of witnesses in the club, I'm positive he is jailed tonight" he says finishing with a deep breath

"Fine... you got away with it. This time!" She looks Corri in the eye very angrily then walks up and leaves the room. Soon after xdeadx walks in with a tray full of gross looking, but better than nothing hospital cafeteria food.

"Num Nums Cowwi!" xdeadx says childishly with a wide smile.

"Aww, no food for me?"

"It's for you and me silly..." xdeadx says while pulling a chair close to the bed setting the platter down on Corri's bed.

"I don't think I can have it though..."


Corri hits the button behind him to contact a nurse. Speaking into the speaker next to his head he asks, "Am I allowed to have this food from the cafeteria?"

The speaker box lets out a short, but firm 'No...'

"Shit..." Corri mumbles.

"Aww, sorry Corri..."

The voice crackles through the rough speaker again, "You are only allowed to have liquid food right now..."

xdeadx quickly says with excitement, "I have soup!" Corri's eyes widen at this statement as xdeadx continues, "And meatloaf too!"

The voice crackles again, "Specifically... Nutrient enriched Starched Water. Corri Yammari requires extra nutrients to replenish his system and basically all he can have is formula. Plus, we cant have your stomach full of soilds while you are being operated on"

xdeadx's eyes widen. Corri looks over at xdeadx who is smiling and giggling to himself slightly. "No..." Corri says firmly

xdeadx widens his smile while looking at Corri. "No..." he repeats

xdeadx giggles while Corri crosses his arms growling through his teeth, "Hope you enjoy your soup and meatloaf..."

"Hmm..." xdeadx sits up slightly and whispers in Corri's ear.

Corri shockingly and angrily says, "No you can't feed me!"


Chapter 5: Turn, turn, turn.

xdeadx walks into the house barely able to hold Corri off the ground and places him on the couch.

"I love you" he says, breathlessly.

"You too... a lot" Corri says weakly.

After a few seconds xdeadx giggles, "You know what else?"


"You're cute!" xdeadx screeches hugging Corri.

Corri, embarrassedly giggles and hugs back. "Thanks.."

They, like they have for the last few years begin to snuggle. For a while, the silence only broken by Corri barely able to get out; "Damn.. dese meds.."

xdeadx reassures Corri, "Don't worry, I'm here to take care of you " To which Corri nods. His right leg spontaneously shakes.

"Ats... xdeadx.. let.. let me get up"

xdeadx promptly hops off Corri, and watches Corri limp off to the bathroom... slowly.

Corri stops suddenly before he gets there, and sighs.

"You okay Corri?" xdeadx says scanning Corri over with his eyes. As Corri stands there breathing heavily, about to fall over a steady stream of liquid running down his slate grey sweatpants he is still wearing from the hospital.

“umm...” xdeadx coos trying not to giggle. While Corri, now back on the couch begins to tear up.

“I think, you know since you're hardly mobile...” xdeadx says stopping his reaction


“You might wanna... just so you don't ruin anymore clothes and stuff.”

He hesitates “You know... umm wear some padding?”

Corri blushes deeply to this statement.

“You don't have to worry about it... just… you might want to”

Corri sighs and sinks further down off the couch cushion unable to support himself due to medication.

“Don't worry, let's umm get you changed and go get you some... protection” xdeadx says picking Corri up onto the couch who is now crying out of helplessness.

“You're still yourself.... This kinda makes us on the same level now if you think about it” xdeadx tries to reassure Corri

“But... your mobile” Corri says crying.

“Don't worry about it, let's go get changed and then we can drive down to the store”

“Oh... oh kay” Corri chokes out wiping the tears from his muzzle.

xdeadx slowly begins to take Corri’s soiled clothes off, Corri wincing in pain occasionally as it passes over the freshly stitched quarter inched holes in his abdomen and chest, unknowingly the bullet worked its way out the front right bellow Corri’s belly button.

“Corri can you get up on your own?” xdeadx asks

Corri, struggles but cant rise himself but to sitting position, but cant hold it for long.

“Wait here while I change” xdeadx says helping Corri lie down again.

“xdeadx...” Corri whines

xdeadx gets up to go to the bathroom. Corri starts to cry unable to see xdeadx, the medication severely afflicting his mental state. xdeadx, returning from the bathroom notices the crying Corri, and immediately picks him up. Corri softly murrs as he is hoisted up.

“Come on Corri You're gonna be okay” xdeadx says carrying Corri to the new car, that was switched out right after the shooting; the boys now sporting a black Lexus.


Eventually down the road Corri comes out of his trance and immediately shakes his head to get his bearings. But, he is still not quite himself.

“What happened?”

“Don't worry about it” xdeadx says to Corri while poking his nose.

“Where are we going!? Wait... I know this... We are going to the pharamacy...

forrr...” he strains “ Diapers...”


“That’s right? tight? like? Mike?… Ike?…dike?…. LESBIANS!” Corri screeches as a rough pair of female cheetahs pass by.

“What?” xdeadx says with a snicker as he pulls into the parking lot of the medical supply store.

“Allright.. lets go!” Corri says drooling a bit while throwing up his hand paws.

“Umm... I'm gonna go you stay here in the car”

“Wah… wah… where are you going” Corri says childishly staring at xdeadx as he walks to the door.


“Oh Hia Ahtsuu” the “plus” size cashier says filing her nails

“Size M today…” xdeadx says to the cashier.

“Woah you gettin fat baybe?” She says taken a back, her eyes widening and her lips pursing, her voice jumping ten octaves.

“No they aren't for me this time”

“Oh.....” she blinks “who dey fo?”

“Well, Corri can't move well since... well ya... So we decided this would be an easier option”

“Oooooo... .riiaat.. Okay then.. that'll be $24”

xdeadx pays for the padding and moves for the door.

“Well seya' latta Atsoo.. I gwot to get muh nahils and hur did!” She says smiling, her jello butt jiggling inside her obnoxiously colored and patterned pants.

“Later Charlie” xdeadx says to the cashier

xdeadx bolts up to Corri, who is passed out hanging over the car door, his fur gently blowing in the mid-day fall breeze.


“Huh?” he says getting up and wiping a bit of drool off his chin.

“Oh.. nothing” xdeadx giggles while rolling his eyes and pushing the pack of Diapers into Corri’s arms.

“Uhh... these aren’t your size xdeadx…”

“Umm duh?” xdeadx says lifting his hands a bit off the steering wheel.

“Nwoo!... xdeadx”


The Boys arrive back at the gray condo that Corri has had from day one, xdeadx lugs Corri in, and sets him on the couch, Corri still clutching the package.

“Now.. umm are you able to do it yourself?” xdeadx asks Corri.

“Yeah!” Corri gets cocky and tangles self up in one of the diapers.

“Corri... Just let me do it” xdeadx says embarrassed with a palm in his own face

Corri watches carefully and curiously as xdeadx and meticulously goes through all the motions, but quickly. “There! That wasn't so bad” xdeadx says finishing up.

“Now listen, This is only for protection, just don’t' get dependent on it. You have to try and hold it before you... 'go'...” xdeadx says a bit motherly to Corri.

“Whenever you need a change just tell me”

Corri Blushes at all this.

“You don't have to be embarrassed xdeadx says lying on top of Corri again, while hugging lightly

“Thanks…” Corri gently whispers in xdeadx’s ear. A storm gently forms outside the window, the all familiar smell of humidity slowly filling the room. As they continue to snuggle.

“You’re welcome..." xdeadx replies.


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I Am...​


The sky filled with the light snowflakes that seem to just appear from the blank whiteness of the winter sky. Streets filled with the joy and warm feeling of the holidays. The sun peeks through the fluffy white clouds adding just a slight dim touch of light to the street below. The occupants of this town busily at work trying to get the final shopping done for the season. The few stores that were still open were very busy, filled with parents and lovers trying to get one last gift for that special child or someone. The main bank of this town was the busiest of all the places at current time. Filled with families making withdraws, deposits, and working out credit problems. A particular fox standing with his uncle however, was going to have one of the worst days of his life despite the joy of this wonderful holiday season.

“Uncle Jahi how come we are at the bank again?” the young fox asks.

“I am making a withdraw from my savings account. I'm going to get you out of that house. Get you to a better place. I've sat back and watched you be abused and mistreated for to long.” Jahi replies.

“Oh...” xdeadx mutters while pulling a sleeve to his tattered sweater down to cover one of many bruises on his arm.

A few feet away a hybrid slaps shut his cell phone walking quickly towards the exit. The young fox, hopping around talking to his uncle, bumps into him. The hybrid nearly knocking over looks down as the fox turns his head slightly.

“Oops, sorry dude.” the fox says with a smile.

“It's okay kid” the hybrid replies kindly turning his head and continuing his stride.

As the hybrid walks out the fox puts his hood up and walks back to his uncle hugging him tightly. A deafening boom followed by a high pitched squeal fills the room. In a cloud of dust and bricks shots ring out, taking the lives of many. The young fox lays over his uncles bleeding body and let's out a loud cry as the screams of others fill around the bank as masked people rush in.
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