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For many ABs/Littles, the answer to this will very likely be along the lines of 'Ew, no. Gross!'. However, I know that there are certain babyish activities which some of us enjoy which aren't widely considered fun or pleasant, in the way that a nap with plushies or watching cartoons is.

One thing which a lot of actual Littles do is eat non-food items, commonly things like sand, or even bits of mud from the garden. I know that for babies it's mostly a case of exploration, but is there anyone here who ever goes so into regression that they enact this kind of non-food eating, or else thinks it might add to the sensory nature of their Little time to eat or chew on things which an adult never would.

And, on the flipside, is this kind of activity one which might dissuade you from wanting to regress physically and mentally, if such a thing was possible?

I'd love to hear the thoughts of fellow ADISCers on this topic! :)
On occasions when I am quite regressed I will naturally and I guess involuntarily bring things to my mouth....almost to the point where I would actively prevent myself from doing this (that would be the rational adult mind lurking in the shadows) Mostly it is objects, but I've never be so deeply regressed outside, so who knows about the garden.

It is a peculiar thing to regress to such a level where natural infant tendencies take control, yet still have an (albeit external) adult perspective. It's almost as though the adult self gives permission to the infant to explore. When this happens, it is vastly different to role play, highly evolved method acting perhaps, but absolutely a deeply emotive and extremely authentic experience.
I don't do this while I'm regressed, but my mom has stories of me eating dirt and slugs when I was little.
I have subconsciously put some lego pieces in my mouth before.
I don't eat non food items but I do chew and suck on stuff like bottle caps and straws. Eating non food items like mud and dirt is unappealing to me.
ha ha
well when I was in my 20's my friend and I would go camping and fishing. we would get drunk and eat food like steak and fish on steel stake, and put then on an open fire, of coarse they would fall off and get full of ash and dirt. I would just brush off the dirt and eat it. that was before we had a camp stove. :rolleyes:
so no a little dirt don't bother me.
I've chewed on eraser when regressed and only really took note after the fact. So I guess it does happen for me, or at least has!
Maybe just me but I often find myself chewing on random things. A few months ago I spent about 20 minutes chewing on the rubber on the side of my scissors. I kind of really want to get a rubber chew toy, like one for dogs as I feel it would help me explore my furry side as well.

When I was younger I used to chew and eat really strange things. I remember eating bark at a daycare when I was 3. I also remember maybe when I was 7 or 8 biting a glow stick and tasting the liquid inside it. NOT RECOMMENDED! it tastes hurrendous. But yeah, I sometimes just need something to keep my mouth occupied. :)
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