Eating like a toddler

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I decided that it would fun to eat like a toddler would do I made what I was going to eat, fish with vegetables and hash browns. I wore my bib and ate with both my hands and my baby spoon. I ate off my baby plate and spooned it off the regular onto it. It was so fun and I tasted the food better than just eating off the adult plate and eating like a adult. I got food smears on my iPad now, great!

What are your baby/toddler like eating experiences like?

I had my food blended once so it looked like baby food. And a freand feed me. It was great being feed and being told that i was being a good boy for eating my bin bin all up, and have my face washed after a being told that i was a much pup.

Little head space for hours after.

Hee, hee
Aww, I am having porridge tommrow for breakfast, I should do the same again!
I've done it a couple of times alternating between a baby spoon and a bottle. It was the deepest infant regression I've ever experienced. Unfortunately, I can't do it any time I want. Maybe it just happens when I need a deep regression. It may be just me, but my regressions can range from shallow to deep. This one was deeply infantile, i.e. my adult almost didn't exist.
I have a Winnie the Pooh plate and cup that I've used. I think it was our kids when they were very young, but now it's mine. I also have a set of a toddler spoon and fork that my wife got me which I've used.
I've done this with jars of baby food. It's kind of hard to do it by myself but I manage to make a mess. I have also cooked some hot dogs and mac & cheese, put these on a small Disney Frozen plate and ate with a toddler spoon and fork and a bib.

I don't do it too enough but it is fun to do.
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