Easy ups or good nights


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There’s no particular reason for this but I’m just curious if anyone’s tried them before, I’ve done good nights but they kept ripping as I tried to put them on.
What size Goodnites? If Goodnites don’t fit I doubt Easy-Ups will.
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Xl but I didn’t know I had to stretch them.
They stretch pretty easily.
But yeah, the largest Pull-Ups and Easy Ups are about equivalent to s/m Goodnites.
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Thanks! I’ll modify them at some point then I appreciate you sharing your knowledge
Easy-ups/Ninjamas won’t fit if Goodnites XL ripped. Ninjamas being the biggest pull on P&G offers for kids isn’t even big enough for most of their target population. Goodnites are very forgiving. Something meant for kids but by golly I’ve heard some miracle stories of like 40+ inches still fitting. Only issue is apparently a low rise on the heavy set folks. They fit like M men’s briefs to me which is my size. So the rise is just right. Sometimes they even feel loose after wearing for awhile.
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Thanks! I’ll probably do those things were you can buy them and then put them on adult diapers.