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Wasn't entirely sure where to put this, but here it goes I guess.


(inspired by and not at all ripped off from CS Fox's Middle TalesLand RP)

Somewhere, in a land called Middle TalesLand, heroes slay dragons while villagers and other folk go about their everyday lives. For a few tiny adventurers, that all changed one day...

Basically, this is a casual D&D5e experience intended to be run as kind of a drop-in/drop-out kind of thing. If you've never played before; perfect! This is very easy to play and I'll be more than happy to assist.

You'll start by making a normal level 1 character (remember, I'll help). We are rolling for stats but I might let you reroll a single really bad roll. The backstory for the world is free-form and player-created - if you want wood elves to live in volcanoes in this world and nobody else has already said wood elves live somewhere else, you're all set (note: I wouldn't advise that particular course of action). Anything special about the world I will keep noted somewhere. If you want to make a furry character, I'll probably allow it, but you'll have to be based on one of the vanilla races. We're not actively using the alignment system either.

Your backstory (aside from the normal D&D stuff) is that you were a hero/adventurer/something who one day woke up as a little kid. You'll need to define your new age as well as what your new type of underwear is/how potty trained you are. These are more used for GM/narrative purposes - there isn't a "bladder control" stat or anything.

If you're ever bored, jump into the Roll20 game and see who's there - if I'm there, I'm happy to run game! If anyone else would like to volunteer as assistant GM in case someone wants to play when I'm not around, let me know.

EDIT: If you want to join, request to join the group - then the URL isn't available on Google: https://www.adisc.org/forum/group.php?groupid=1001

EDIT2: Have the document of notes and stuff:
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