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Kotaku.com ( Metal Gear Solid: Turkish Solid Snake Equips Cardboard Box, Sneaks Out Of Prison )

"A Turkish prisoner in a west German jail — well, he used to be in a west German jail — has employed some Solid Snake-style tactical espionage escape action, hiding in a box that was supposed to be shipping stationery supplies and delivered by an express courier. According to the BBC, the 42-year old man jumped from the truck that carried him and his box off prison grounds, escaping through a cut in the truck's outer tarp.

The driver of the truck noticed the truck's tarp flapping in the wind, at which point a giant exclamation point appeared over his head. He then alerted authorities.

"We have no idea where the fugitive is hiding," prison warden Beate Peters told the BBC. "We assume that he is still in the county and is lying low before making his move." Authorities are listening carefully for knocking on walls."

Next up: Persian Ocelot shoots all the people who dress cheesy like himself xD
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