DryNites Sample DONT BE AFRAID!

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So though about ordering a sample of drynites, having a rather small waist and enjoying wearing dry diapers as well as wet I love how cheap they are, even if they can hold less liquid than rather cheap sock.

Now me being me I wasn't really thinking, so I signed up and filled out the form to order the free sample, clicked ok and got onto a page saying it was sent. This would have been great!, but I didn't look at what the packaging was... And being pre uni (probably why they still fit me) I still live with my parents.

I looked on Adisc to see if anyone has said whether its safe or not, but to my dismay the general consesus was probably not, but due to them being smaller than the average person not many had tried. So after emailing to cancel they replied saying they cant... :wallbash:

I accepted the inevitable awkwardness and weird conversation that was to come, but to my suprise it was discreet, ish. Pictures below is what I received (for free :paci: ).

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ilg0mt57yoy9uov/2016-02-25 17.15.17.jpg?dl=0
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Thanks for sharing - looks like a good sample pack to me *goes to sign up *
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