DryNites - new packaging, new designs?

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I noticed today in Boots a couple of packs of DryNites had a different design of packaging. They were Boys 4-7 ones, so I didn't bother buying - but new waves of packaging normally coincide with new designs. DryNites' own website hasn't been updated yet.
I hope this is true I've been waiting for the USA streachier sides for ages
Any pictures ??
Someone else must have seen these
It's offical !!!
The new drynites packaging brings with it not new designs but the streachier side's from the new goodnites !!!!
Does anyone have decent size pictures of the new designs ?
Ohh cool. You'll love the new stretchy sides. They stretch more & are softer in my opinion.
The sides are stretchier and more comfy, but are also much weaker versus to old sides. I personally like the old sides beter
Seen boys 8 - 15 in Boots in Cheltenham yesterday but couldn't buy as am staying with relatives
Hi guys,
i bought 3 packages 2 weeks ago, here are some pictures:


yes, the new ones are stretchier and also more absorbent :)
I notice that the package doesn't have that funny extended ring around the top above the part where you tear it open, like the older package did.

Are these shorter vertically than the previous design (i.e. more discreet-fitting under pyjamas)? The USA designs shortened vertically before they made them more stretchier.
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