Dry 27/7 vs Northshore

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I cant decide between the Dry 247 and the northshore. I will be moderately active as in walking around school ect and i cant decide on which one of these will suit my needs better. I have a four hour lecture that I need to stay in due to the technicality of the class, so i thought its the perfect excuse to were a diaper. The only issue is that i cant tell which one would perform better when sitting. Any recommendations?
They are both excellent forms of protection. I have used both pretty often, but I prefer the Dry 247. I think for me it came down to the Dry 247's fit better than the north shore. They are pretty comparable in just about every other area. I would recommend ordering a sample of each and seeing which one you like better. I will say that I think the Dry 247 is slightly thicker.

Hope this helps!
northshore doesn't wick as well as confidry, and CD have better leak guards. The ridged plastic of the front and rear waistbands will make you sweat less there than the NS, which are flat plastic there. I would go with the CD.
I've found the 24/7's to hold a little bit more than the Northshores. So they would be my choice.
Okay, I'll throw in for the Northshore Supreme. I think they wick every bit as well as the Dry 24/7, hold probably a bit more, puff up less (which makes them good for longer outings), and, at least on me, leak less. For whatever reason, the Dry 24/7s leak around the left leg pretty much every time. Not a lot, just enough to get the legband of my undies wet, and it's annoying. Every body is different, but for me, the Northshores are the best diaper I've found.

At this level, absorbency is really decided by fit and actual use case rather than the capacity it says on the box. Assuming both fit equally well I'd go with the northshore since walking around is involved. The northshore diaper has stiffer padding, so won't tend to clump and fall apart as much and should therefore perform better for this particular case. Just remember to fold it in the middle so there's a channel that isn't pointing straight out the leg gathers.
Dry 24/7 has been going through so many changes and actually denied the fact that their diapers were different with the last run I tried, they were changed for the worst. Someone did that the phase was over, but I got tired of the inconsistency.

Before the last batch, their diapers were amazing. They had great capacity. Then, during the summer I believe, the batches were just terrible. The plastic baking was close to sandpaper and weren't very comfortable. The padding fell apart like crazy, the capacity seemed like it was cut by more than half. The only good change were the much wider tapes, that they denied making changes to at all.

As for the Northshore brand, they are a solid diaper, but they didn't fit me well. They weren't as good as Dry 24/7 in my opinion before those changes were made. They are better than Abena.

As for the sitting factor, I have a lot of experience in that, as I am a truck driver. The Dry 24/7 worked well before the weird batch, however, the ones that I currently possess leaked quite quickly on me.

North shore should get you through the 4 hours, but if the fit isn't correct, you will leak. I have a 38in waist. Mediums were too small and larges were too big and I couldn't really get a good seal through the crotch.

I would suggest getting ABU's Simple diapers. I highly recommend these. If you wear loose clothing, you really can't tell, and the don't crinkle as loud as Dry 24/7. I can sit a long time with use and not have a leak. I sit and drive for 10+ hours a day without a change. They are much more comfortable as well.
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