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Has anyone noticed that the plastic has changed on the dry 24/7's.?

I got a few samples from Save Express the other day and I've noticed that the plastic has changed. They are certainly a lot quieter than what they used to be and noticed the tapes have changed to.

Also I used to fit in the small quite easy as the mediums were always just a little too big. Now I struggled to just about get them on.

I personally don't like the changes I really liked the crinkle on the old style.

The tapes are better though.

But for the price I'm certainly not going to be buying any more.
They changed the plastic and cut for a few months but I saw in a different post that they have now changed back to the prior plastic and cut, depending on when your supplier got thier current stock they may still have some of the short run diapers.

Depending on how many they order at time it may take a few months for them to reorder and get the re revised version.
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Thanks for letting me know, that's good news that they have gone back to the original style. Think I'll wait a few months so Save Express run out of their current stock and get the original back in before I buy any more.
I have the ones with the darker blue tapes and I noticed the cut is different but the plastic is louder. I like both. My wife noticed the plastic is louder too. So, if these are the new ones I like them!
I just bought a case from XP, I hope I don't get the crummy ones.
Bokeh said:
I just bought a case from XP, I hope I don't get the crummy ones.

Please advise when you get them.
I just picked up 3 cases last week from AgeComfort (Canadian distributor) and I just opened a new bag the plastic feels,softer then the last batch but I haven't tried one yet. I have looked Replacement diapers and ordered some inspire + they are more bulkier since I have to wear a large in the inspire + but a medium in dry 24/7's and they cost more per diaper.
I placed my order with XP Medical on Jan 8th and it arrived today. It appears that I have what I'll refer to as the backpedal version of the Dry 24/7. I compared it to the original relaunch version which I had purchased in March of 2015 and they appear to be very similar. My initial impression is that the plastic is similar if only slightly thinner than the original and is a bit noisier (which I happen to like). When I compared the folded original relaunch to the backpedal version it seemed like the original relaunch was wider but that could just be from how it compressed in the package. When I unfolded them both, the cut appears to be the same and the width of the padding seemed pretty much identical. The padding appears to be almost as thick but doesn't feel nearly as rigid and compacted. The backpedal version is definitely less dense and my guess is that it will be more prone to clumping however there's no way to know for sure until I wet it. At this point I'd say that I'm cautiously optimistic however I don't believe they have gone back to the way they were during the original relaunch.

In the pictures, the original relaunch is on the right & the backpedal version is on the left. I will report back once I've wet one.
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