Dry 24/7: worth buying again?

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I remember reading here a few months ago that there were some defects and decreases in quality starting around the time when they increased the tape width. Can anyone give an update on the situation? I'm trying to decide if they're still worth buying.
I believe most of the issues related to the changes have been corrected. Obviously people are very passionate about changes in a particular diaper and perceive those changes differently. I for one am a big fan of Dry 24/7 & I didn't know that they had changed them until after I placed an order a couple weeks ago. Once I got my order I made immediate comparisons to the older style and couldn't find too much that was different. They were a little softer and not nearly as stiff but the tapes held up and the diaper felt more comfortable. As far as I could tell the capacity was about the same. In my opinion they're just as good as before. They didn't seem to have any of the issues that people had described so I assume the ones I received were part of the revised version to correct the previous issues.
I was one who had not been happy with the changes but on my 2nd case of the "new" dry 24/7 now I am quite pleased with them again . I think the first case of the new style I had was not really good.
I have not had any issues with the last 2 cases or any case for that matter of them. Nor have I noticed any decrease in capacity.
I haven't tried them since they were an off shore produce a few years ago. How do the new ones compare to the very old ones?
I reordered 3 cases back in January so far so good I will be reordering again in March, my prior batch had a bunch of diapers that felt like they had glue in bigh patches that dried hard in the padding.

The latest batch has been fine so it must have just been a manufacture issue that it placed to much adhesive in one spot.
I also just got two cases at the end of December and I've not had any problems.
That's good to hear. Looks like I'll be ordering a new case soon.
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