dream induced depression

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a few days ago i had a weird dream. to make it short: i was driving an expensive car when the gas pedal suddenly vanished into thin air which caused a traffic accident that destroyed three expensive cars

the strange thing here is that at that point in my dream i felt that helpless feeling of "i really screwed up" and i suddenly got overwhelmed with anxiety and geniunely wanted to kill myself.
then i briefly woke up half asleep and felt the exact same feeling of fever and sickness that i felt a couple years ago when i was going through a binge drinking depression. i knew it was all just a dream, yet i couldn't shake off the anxiety. i checked my phone to see the time (11am), fell back asleep and woke up at 7pm still feeling feverish and anxious but as soon as i fully awoke and came back to my senses the bad feelings faded away. i just couldn't believe i slept for over 15 hours. i only sleep that long when my mental health is bad.
so this one weird dream somehow made me depressed for a short period of time and i have no idea how or why it happened.

i dont know why im writing this anyway. i guess i just wanna hear some thoughts about it
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