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I was a frequent visitor to the DPRTube website that had been up for a few years until yesterday when the owners of the website announced they were going to shut it down. Apparently, the owners stated and I'll quote, "We have decided to close the site after our visions of a video sharing site did not go to plan."

Those who had accounts there pretty much lost all their content uploaded on the site unless they still had the raw data for their videos, pictures, etc. on their computer. I myself didn't have an account there, but I could see why people like us enjoyed sharing each other's content there.

Again, this is pretty sad. The only thing left of this site is a notice telling us that the site is closed.
DPRTube (20 June 2009 - 22 July 2015).:frown::frown::frown:

Any thoughts?

I went there a few times. Porn videos are more likely to make me laugh than engage my lust and their search tools seemed pretty poor. I like the idea in principle of a place for ABDLs to post media but it doesn't do much for me personally.
If anyone has any other good free source, youtube is pretty poor in terms of adult diaper videos, I love diaper bondage, punishments and such.
seeing as how every time I went there I could get nothing but broken old riley kilo videos I'm not super sad to see it go.
If anyone got any free alternatives, I've started scouring google for them but I've got a strong feeling that the best ones aren't always on google results.
Ugh, finally, in my opinion it was about time this happened, the site was really a good for nothing broken video and photo viewer, there are plenty of other good diaper porn sources (seriously, vanilla porn sites are chock full of male and female diaper videos, you just gave to fiddle with the "I Like:" settings).
I would advise you guys to not link to actual porn sites, I'm pretty sure it is against the rules.
That place always seemed to have viruss or malware floating around there because my program would say it was an unsafe site or give me viruses without warning so I never went there.
Well I'd never even heard of the website before about 5 minutes ago so I don't really care. Not something I'd really be into, anyway.
I have been to that site a few times and it was OK but nothing that was really appealing to me there so it's not that bad to me to see it go.
Honestly i agree with others, in the beginning it was a great site, however last few years i checked on it everynow and then but all that was really there was Riley Kilo and other videos that you saw everywhere else online.
I wish they told me! I had an account but I never went there too much so oh well.
In my opinion, I really don't care. I never cared for that sorta stuff myself, so seeing it get shut down really has no impact on me whatsoever.
I mostly lurked around on there never could find a true interest there though so it may be a good thing they closed it.
I do wish there was a safe-for-work diaper tube site to go to without the youtube comments :'') This was not it, though.
Idk I feel that when it started it was a good idea at the time, but was poorly done, not going to loose sleep over it, but still kinda sad that it's gone.
I never felt comfortable with the Diaper-Tube web portal.
It seemed too creepy, for an Adult Baby like myself.
Idk I feel that when it started it was a good idea at the time, but was poorly done, not going to loose sleep over it, but still kinda sad that it's gone.

Definitely agree that the idea is there and I would love to see a site thats done well.
i find it kind of sad that they decide to close down the site. Some videos was good.
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