doubling/trebling up disposables

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Hi all,

ok.. some of you probably have done this yourselves, i have, when i decide to drink i used to wear 2 or three diapers at once, slicing the plastic back of each diaper, so that it soaked through to the next, however, after a while i found that this was not really working well, as it would only soak so far, and then it would stop, and leak.. Now though i have found a solution, that works.. and i want to share it..

Firstly, you will need,

a good pair of scissors, a craft knife, some sewing equiptment, and the number of diapers you want to use, if you want to use three, then you will need three.

Begin by placing one diaper to one side. This will be the outer shell.. we do not touch this for the moment.

with the remaining 1 or 2 diapers, depending on your prefernces, use the scissors and cut away all the plastic around the padding, so that you are left with what looks like a plastic pad.. Make sure you cut close to the start of the padding, it will make it easier to work with.

do this with any remaining diapers, leaving the one complete diaper alone.

you should now have what looks like an open pad, with the plastic on one side, and the drysheet on the other, with the padding in the middle.

now, take the original full diaper, and using your craft knife, cut down the center of the inside of the diaper, and seperate the two sides. Dont cut to deep, you just want to cut through the cotton sheet.
using your hands, pull the cotton sheet, away from all the internal padding, do not pull it off, just pull it away from the padding, to make a pocket, make sure you get to all the edges. this will make it easier to insert the pre cut padding.

Now, take the diapers you have cut, and lay them flat on the table, with the plastic outer shell facing up.. You should now be able to slowly peel away the plastic shell, leaving a complete padding, and cotton sheet.

you can now, flip this padding over, and place it into the pocket you have created in the full diaper.. if you have done the above correctly the padding will fit perfectly, and you will have basically created a double diaper..

Once you have put in the padding of all the diapers you wish *note, any more than 2 additional padding, will make it uncomfotable.... pull the cotton sheeet back together.. Using your sewing stuff, sew up the seam of the cotton sheet. you dont need to go wild, just four or five bunches of stiches will hold...

.. and whollaa,, a double or even tripple diaper.. I have done this with my current 4000ml diapers.. making a 8000ml and a 12000ml diaper.. it is great, and fits just like the original..

let me know..

i can add more things that can benefit babies. and dl's if you wish.

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