Done With Windows/Linux/Windows 7 Dual Boot

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so i've gotten to the end of my rope with having to tear apart the broken system that is XP. i just got a netbook that was supposed to have linux on it (it was an open boxed item; talk about lacking QC at zipzoomfly) and came with xp. well after 3 days of trying to tear it down to something quick and reasonable (and constantly breaking its driver assignments) with nlite. now it's down to mandriva one and windows 7. mandriva (with kde) supports a lot of audio apps (i do audio production,dj'ing) and is supposed to support Asus EEE PC 901 out of the box. well lo and behold windows 7 is touted to work brilliantly with netbooks and is supposed to be super effecient (as do all the mags/blogs say in the beginning as i do remember a certain pro audio mag going all haliluja on windows new audio driver... :rolleyes:) with netbooks.
i have been using FLStudio/Fruity Loops in Windows XP, but even that isn't seeming like a keeper for me.
Atom 1.6Ghz
1 Gig (will upgrade soon to 2 @ 667 DDR2)
20 GB SSD (4GB and 16GB drives)
3 USB, VGA, Wireless b, g, n/LAN, multitouch touchpad, MMC/SD slot
(will be upgrading to maudio quattro soon as well)

TL;DR: Windows 7 or Mandriva One on an Asus EEE PC 901 for audio production?

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I have my Asus netbook configured for dual-boot as well. Mine is WinXP/Win7. My opinion of Win-7 is that it's going to someday be an awesome operating system. However, the beta available now is a very early beta and not really suitable yet for production work. So I'd stick with linux for now and then give Win-7 a try at the beta-2 or RC stage.


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I run a Windows 7, Ubuntu dual boot just fine on my system. I used EasyBCD to set it all up. Works great most of the time. However, both OSes have trouble hibernating at times, and sometimes Windows 7 gets a bit slow if you have a lot of things running. Ubuntu is also far from flawless, being Linux, it's always an interesting time getting things to work like you want it to.


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*Sigh* my DVD-+rw seems to be able to read DVD+'s only. And refuses to read -, despite what it says on the box! Updated the firmware to no avail. So it goes Booting from CD/DVD for 5 seconds and Thinks, Sod it I'll procede to the HDD instead. As it was next in order.

Looks like I'll be RMAing it today. :(. I like the "Emergency ejection hole" Because of it's given name rather than it being a speclial feature. All optical drives have a hole to manually eject the tray without power.

So no vista for me atm, I only have 50 DVD-Rs to get through this year!
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I have no problems ripping down WinXP with nLite.
I just created a copy of WinXP Pro SP3 with IE7 and WMP11 fully updated for my music server.
The whole package came out at 328MB, about half the size of a normal WinXP.
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