does anyone know what kind of diaper this is?

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no idea. all that blue on the front, and velcro tapes...
I would really love to know what kind that is I want to try it out
She could have put some sort of sticker tape on the front of the diaper.
They're obviously not a common diaper in the US, they're from japan but I have no knowledge about diapers over there, maybe someone could give us some idea
Thats what I was hoping for and I know its from another country just don't know what brand it is lol
Pretty sure its these he wears you get a better view of the writing on the front of the diaper in other videos that arent in bloddy portrait.

really want to try some of these japanese nappies at some point but the hilariously low absorbency ratings and ridiculous shipping costs put me off
Interestingly one of the photos on HappyNappins link clearly shows fitting them using the same method as the recent thread entitled 'different taping strategy'! I haven't got round to trying that method yet but looks like its worth trying!

- - - Updated - - -

Just used google translate for the instructions to cross over tapes:

'To further fitting
I prevent displacement, a leak in a cross-stop!
Detach gently perforation in the center of the tape portion.
First, upward the tape below,
Please stop the tape of the upper downward then. It is possible to stop snugly to fit the type to prevent leakage from the gap. (Tape can be stopped so as to overlap.)'

Had to laugh at one of the precautions further down:
'When you disagree with your skin, discontinue use, please consult your doctor.'
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