does anyone here play the sims?

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i've always loved playing the sims! i remember playing the first sims game when i was a kid & getting the sims 2 in the book orders from school!
does anyone still play? i play the sims 3 frequently and it's probably my favorite in terms of customization and creative possibility but i bought the sims 4 too. i like playing families with toddlers though so the sims 4 isn't as much fun for me. i usually like to play a family through the generations so it doesn't feel as realistic when the kids go from being babies in a crib to being self sufficient kids going to school.
anyway lets talk about the sims!!
Omg, I do, I love the sims, have you seen "sims gone wrong it's so funny"! My favourite is sims 2, I bought lots of clothes to the kids at least but what annoyed me was the fact, the babies only wore diapers, I tried to download clothes for them with a mod but I ended up corrupting my whole game!
hey! I love the sims too! I've got the sims and the sims 2 on PC. Not played it in a while actually, but I used to play it loads. I loved building the houses! The designing part probably was my favourite part. I did get into playing the sims freeplay on my phone, I played it almost obsessively for about 18 months. About 2 months ago though I stopped. It started getting less fun as it was getting harder and harder to complete tasks without paying real money. And with work, I couldn't play every single day and many tasks were time sensitive. I still have it on my phone if I want to take a dip back into it.... but I might not bother, I may just re-install it on my computer and start playing it on here again (had to install a new hard drive on my computer last month after the last one failed, so lost all my game saves. Not put the sims back on here yet.) But yeah, the sims is great. For me though, it is less to do with the sims themselves and more to do with building the houses and getting the sims to like them. It takes me back to being little and playing with lego - I *always* made houses with my lego, I LOVED it. I even made streets of houses. And I made all the furniture inside too, made lego TVs and tables and sofas and baths... all a little square and multi-coloured! Oh my goodness I miss my lego.
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