Does Anyone Here Play TERA?

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I'm curious, would love to have some ABDL friends on there, I'm on Ascension Valley's server though I may soon move to Tempest Reach.

If you're on, leave your characters (alts are fine too) names here :3 don't expect too many people to reply to this though, if any.
bumpin this....sadly :'(
I'm an avid player of TERA as the lovely Sara knows, and I primarily play on Lake of Tears. Pretty much is my focus these days, because I've been trying to get some new players interested in the game.

As a sort of selling point for the game, it is currently undergoing a new player event, as it was just added to Steam. Not only will you level up twice as fast with the 2x experience, but at level 10, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, and 65 you get awesome goodies for reaching the milestones with the event. I've been leveling up some alternate characters so fast! Willing to give any and all advice on making quick work of the level process, as long as you don't care about the story and proper quest progression. Hehe.

I am willing to do specific tasks with people on other servers, but my heart will always exist on Lake of Tears.

My main is Angel.Della.Valle and I like to give people presents.
I play TERA often, got multiple chars on multiple servers, mostly play as a mystic or a warrior :D
I want to get back into TERA. I haven't played since just after Rifts Edge was released and I got the Devastator gear from it. I heard a lot has changed and I need to bring myself to dive back in. I play(ed) on Tempest Reach.
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