Does anyone else enjoy wearing one piece swimsuits as a diaper suit like me? I love the vibrant colors so much more than regular cotton suits.


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I like women's one-piece swimsuits, but I don't wear them with diapers. For me the swimsuit compresses the diaper too much.
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I absolutely LOVE wearing one-piece swimsuits over my diapers, and I have a lot of them, all shapes, styles and colors.
Sometimes I wear two or three at the same time. I love the texture of the fabric and how they "hug" the body🥰
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todderhr said:

no, but you look ready for the kiddy pool!
🤣Hopefully the pool is filled with pee 😉
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Unicorny said:
🤣Hopefully the pool is filled with pee 😉
IMO kiddy pools usually are.