1. Incontinent
Why is it so difficult to find good, informative documentaries these days? It seems like they all either try to be movies or want to talk about a million different things in one video. I spent most of yesterday looking for a documentary about coral, just coral. And I couldn't really find any. Some of them were trying to be movies and focused on the people in the documentary or on drama. One of them didn't give me any information about coral until like 15 minutes in and they only talked about it for like half a minute. The other ones basically amounted to "coral exists. it's alive and things live on it. now let's spend all our time talking about everything living within 100 miles of coral instead of the coral itself." seriously?
It's not just yesterday either. I often look for documentaries about various subjects to watch because listening is how I learn best, especially with accompanying visuals, and lately all I've been finding are these "documentaries" that barely talk about whatever subject they're supposed to be about. I remember when I was younger the documentaries I'd find to watch were great and very informative, basically just giving you non-stop information about the subject for 1 to 2 hours with pretty visuals and diagrams to illustrate what was being said.
Is this just the way things are now? What are your opinions and thoughts on modern documentaries?
Yeah, and what is up with game shows, too. Every contestant has to have a tragic backstory that justifies their reason to be playing for a possible $2 million. Why does everything have to have reality show confessionals, now?
If you want an amazing documentary to watch check out fantastic fungi. It's so informative and fungi is one of the most fascinating species in this planet. It also has some incredible visuals they spent hundreds of hours doing time lapse photography of growing mushrooms and fungi and decomposition it's truly incredible.