Doctor's Visit results in hospital orders


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I had a doctor's visit Monday. She went through a wellness checklist which asked lots of question about everything to find what problems I might be having. She came to a question about how often am I needing to pee during the night, if it was more than once. I told her that I had to pee several times during the night. She asked if that meant having to get up often to go to the bathroom and I answered "usually". She asked me what that meant and I said that yes, I had to get up several times to pee. I must have blushed some because she looked at me and set her pen down.
"What do you do on the nights that you don't get up enough? Do you occasionally wet the bed?"
I hesitated a moment before answering and she caught it. "Do you occasionally wet the bed?" she asked me a second time and I admitted that it does happen occasionally.
"Have you tried wearing a diaper to bed so you don't have accidents and don't have to get up often?"
Again I took a moment too long to answer and she caught it again.
"Do you wear diapers to bed?' When I replied that I did she asked "every night?" and I answered that I did.
She said that was quite normal and laughed that it was a good thing Becky worked for a diaper service company. She started typing in her computer and I asked what she was entering. She told me that she was putting in my file that I needed bedtime diapers for overnight and naps so if I was ever hospitalized it would be in my chart and the nurses would know to diaper me before bedtime.
I didn't expect that and said that wasn't necessary and she said "I am also stating that you might be hesitant to comply and that they should insist on it.
So if I ever have an overnight stay in the hospital I know that I will be diapered at night and maybe even when napping. Very interesting!
Becky laughed when I told her and said that she would make sure that the nursed abide by it.
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Truly great that you have an excellent Doctor as most would have quickly moved on to another subject.
I am transitioning to a new Internist and will be travel a much worn road of reviewing my long history of IC.
The decades have brought me to a point of expecting the questions and the more comfortable I am, the better my medical care.