Do you use Little Space to support you with a disability?

Do you use Little Space to support you with a disability

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Hi everyone.

I doing some research for a book that I am writing about this ife styles of oura,

I know that there is a portion of us that have some kind of disability.

This is just a poll to see whar that portion looks like.

Also it would be great if you would tell me how this Lifestyle has helps you with your disability.

I not nasty are talking about wearing Diapers hear, i know that would be a part of it all, but what I am more interested in how does Little Space / Inner Child Work, supported you with your disability?

If you have some kind of support next work with your disability how supportive are they with you being in Little Head space?

Pluss any other thing that you think may be helpfull eather to someone else with a disability that is looking in to the benefits of this life style, or would be helpful to someone that is in a caring role.

Thanks you for any comments. I am a blabber mouth so anything that you share could end up in the book for all to read.


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My exact situation is complicated

Whilst i've been IC since birth least at night and touch and go in the day if too far from bathroom.

I am mostly relagated to a wheelchair when going out if more than a short limp, Like going into a resturaunt i can do, and have a handicap permit to park close. It makes things like that easier than getting out the wheelchair and such.

If i need to lets shop at walmart, wheelchair is required, and cant sit upright well, even in a office chair reclined back i still have to slouch in the chair to sit there ver long.

So, My ex started playing with the fact where my health is, make it more fun than burden. Although I still dont leave the house often, i left once in december to goto a friends a few mile away and not since.

Little space, or sorta, I sometimes become like a 2yo and dont think about things i do, and get annoyed or mad, quite often when out in wheelchair, i always use the belts and foot straps (last time i didnt use the straps my foot was rubbing and started bleeding quit a bit (cannot feel that leg much and nothingin the foot).

So, not so much as a "little time" more as i'm in a different mindset, maybe from pain, maybe from bordom, not quite sure, but sometimes my pca's need to tell me to quit doing things, and/or keep me from the stuff on the shelves, as i'll just rab stuff, and toss it back without thinking about it.

So, i'd say its a copeing mechanism or something, or possibly triggered by getting low BP, get hypoxia, which i've now had problems with that for at least since july 2020 when i died, and broke my leg, but easily could have been hapening before that, and i usually dont remeber the low BP events well, and to best they feel like a good drunk going without the negtives, feels good, even though usually my kidneys shut down (AKI) and my blood is totally off at that point.
Least i havent been in the ER/ICU for 11 months Feb 12 last year !!! Got drugs and things to help with the low bp.

But, I dont consider myself an AB at all, as i dont really want to go there, and sorta go there without really wanting to. However i do use a lot of adaptive clothing and such. Reclining wheelchair, hesinger collar(especially in a car) several bad vertebra. I don't really play in that sorta mindset, more just loose about 80% of my brain power, and has gotten to the point that i cannot talk or form words, usually when that bad i'm in the ER/ICU or on my way there. Got the best description from friend pushing me in a wheelchair to see if they are going to operate on my broken tibia...Guess I started talking slurred and then couldnt be understood, and was very slow to respond, my friend wheeled me to the er (was in the hospital at the time) and got a week in the ICU that stint. I dont remeber anything except being in the ICU. Which was wierd, Asked them to put up the sides, as I sleepwalk, and toss and turn in bed as it is, they wouldnt do it, hospital policy need a Dr to prescribe that...Stupid. A day or so later i rolled over or decided to get up, crashed to the ground, knocked over on ive stand and the monitor, landed on something, bruised my hip...then they go and take x-ray/mri of things that look hurt and nothing more than bruising. Then after id say an hour or two i get back to my room, they wouldnt let me walk anymore, used the hoist to get in/out of the machines, I did have a broken leg still. So get back to room, i guess they must have got a dr to prescribe bed restraints, i guess there is no middle ground??? And the thick leather uncomfortable ones.

Anyhow, 4 days of that, and then transfered to the heart wing, got them to do the sides up and no leaher straps, which took some talking to do.
Next time in the same hospital, I woke up in restraints, and was in them for the 4 days i was there...Not the end of the world, but seems to be more Covering thier ass then patient care.

Anyhow, I dont always remeber everything in that sorta mindset, but from other seems like a kid, and dont use big words and more just yes/no and easily entertained, once the drugs kick in i get back to myself again, when the BP isnt 70/40 and 180bpm.

But, usually dont go in anymore, not much can be done with autonomic nerve damage.

Long answer, but wierd medical issues like a right BBB on my heart that comes and goes ???
My blood surgar will go from 400's to under 100 in 30 mins ???
My body temp varies up/down.
My body will start sweating buckets for NO reason.

Anyhow, gotta just live with it as NO operation can fix it, and the drugs i have work to bring the BP back in about 30 mins give or take, and that is about the same time frame as going to the ER and getting an EPI drip going, witch takes some time. So i have to bring with me all the time autoinjectors, and midodrine, extra diapers, BP, Gloclose, and even a 7 wire ekg(tiny thing), my other 6 meds, end up with a whole backpack of stuff just to go shopping, 'tis the reason i usually just send the PCA's shopping and stay home with one of them, (have 2).

So, long explanition, but feel like a baby, have to bring diapers and people to care for me if any issues, and usually just along for the ride if going shopping, as i make a list way in advance anyhow, so just getting the lis fufilled.
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