Do you sleep in diapers

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I bought a cloth diaper just to feel comfortable in it and like me to feel happy. I wear it to sleep every night no pants no shirt. I was thinking if there was a fire or the alarm went off or if for some reason you had to run of of the house.would you take to time to put on pants and burn to death or just deal with the shame of people who stare at you the fire department when they arrive to save the home of someone in a pink my little pony cloth diaper in the middle of the street. imagine the faces. or the same if you sleep naked. What would you do. I have thought this through carefully but thoroughly. I could wrap up in a blanket if it weren't a fire but if it was a fire i would have to worry about it dragging and catching flames. If i took the diaper off and ran out naked it might be better than being in a diaper. I could grab a pillow and use the case as a make shift skirt by putting a hole in it. also on top of all of this its averaging about 17 degrees ferinheight outside and I might freeze to death.
Depends on the season. Au natural in the summer/warmer months, sleepwear in the cooler months.
Well...when I'm not just wearing a diaper, I normally sleep nude. So Yes and Yes?

What do you think about what i said how would that effect you what would you do in a situation such as that. how would your neighbors finding out effect you. do you think you might get a ticket for public exposure or go to jail for being a sex offender.
Always just a diaper
it seems to me that not allot of people care to comment on my main subject instead they just post about the poll. I thought putting a poll would help out with seeing who would be at risk and who wouldn't. this has been a learning experience.
Sitherus said:
it seems to me that not allot of people care to comment on my main subject instead they just post about the poll. I thought putting a poll would help out with seeing who would be at risk and who wouldn't. this has been a learning experience.

Well, the main subject appears initially to be the thread title. Which, due to it being a fairly straightforward question, means the poll would be sufficient for an answer. Plus it's barely been 3 hours, so no need to feel shut down or anything. It's still a fairly new discussion.

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To answer first about the poll itself, I usually just sleep in underwear or pjs. I find it to be a hassle to put on a diaper discreetly and then take it off in a timely manner in the morning and dispose of it quickly and discreetly. If I get to lounge around the next day, then I might get padded for the night. But it's for special occasions, not so much an every night kind of thing.

To answer the question about what to do in event of a fire, I suppose it's all circumstantial. The first thing I'd do is rip off my diaper, no matter what. I mean, if the firefighters and my parents find charred diaper remains in my room then I can explain that in a controlled context. But having to explain to some of my neighbors why I ran outside in a diaper when my house caught on fire is going to raise a lot of uncomfortable questions that I don't feel like answering. Saying "I sleep in the nude" is much easier for people to shrug and laugh off. Ideally though, I'd try to throw at least some pj pants or basketball shorts on. I'd rather not talk to the fire department in my birthday suit.
I sleep in a cloth prefold diaper along with PUL panties. I wear either footies or nightgowns or nylon jammies.
in the summer almost always just my diaper. in the winter though, often in cuddle fleece all in one jammies.
Firstly Id put some clothes on when I hear the smoke detectors and secondly I'd know if the fireys would be hear
being a volunteer firefighter(firey) as my pager would go off!

I'd say people would be well awake and outside before there were any major flames unless the fire was right next to you or in your room.

I have clothes and ugg boots or work boots at the end of my bed in case I get called out in the middle of the night. I usually wear a tshirt and underwear over a nappy or pullup in bed.
I sleep in snap-ez with stuffers every night (unless I am going to visit my grand-kids, oh and their parents).
I also wear footie pajamas every night (weight varies depending on season).
In the summer i sleep in a onesie (not footed pajamas) and diaper and in the winter i sleep in home made character pajamas. Last night was cars pajamas.
always a diaper!!!
Usually just a cloth diaper with plastic pants or just a Northshore disposable. On cold winter nights I might wear a t-shirt and socks and in the summer I will wear the Gary plastic pants (the breathable ones) over my cloth diaper. That may change with the Northshore Air Supreme, these seem to be very comfortable for the warmer weather.
The poll is a bit hard to figure out in combination with the thread title. To be more specific than the available options, I sleep in diapers often (probably 50%+ of nights at the moment), but almost never just a diaper. I'll do diaper and t-shirt if it's warm, but it's winter right now, so it has mostly been footie PJs on over a diaper or sometimes pajama pants over the diaper along with a shirt on.
I tend to be cautious because of these reasons. I only wear diapers when I feel like it and I don't have a stash stash like everyone has. I'm not entirely used to sleeping padded yet so that's a quest I will focus upon soon. Also, Your poll describes me as do I wear only a diaper or do I sleep nude with my tic-tac hanging out...umm I'm neither but it feels like a yes or no question...I sleep in T-shirt and a diaper for rare dars but the majority of the time is T-shirt and underwear obviously...

It's winter so hell to the no that I am going to sleep naked.
When I do sleep in a diaper, it's just the diaper. Otherwise I'm in sleepwear.
I usually wear a pair of athletic type shorts and a T-shirt to bed, whether I am wearing a diaper or not. I never sleep naked.
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