Do you poop your diaper purposely?


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I had to use diapers for security when my IBS flared up real bad, and I haaaated it. Having accidents in diapers is better than in your pants, but there's nothing enjoyable in the smell, dirt, cleanup and the pain in my stomach when it happens :/
Just painful, messy, unpleasant.

Sometimes I put on nappies just to pour some porridge into them. That is fun. It doesn't feel dirty, just squishy and gentle.
I do not like poop at all in any way, but can enjoy the feelings of squishy stuff in my nappies, if it's NOT poo.


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I have IBS-D and get random, sudden bouts of diarrhea, which can range from small to large depending on how close to a bathroom I am. I hate cleaning up messy diapers because it's time consuming, dirty and smells awful. If my IC episode was bad, I have to take a shower. The long and short of it is that if I can feel a poop coming, I'll do my best to get to the bathroom.


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I will occasionally poop in my diaper, I have Parkinson's and that really screws up your bowel movements. I can go for several days not pooping then all hell breaks loose. I would call myself a recreational pooper.
This is an unexpectedly rare, valuable earth metal post. What's better than gold? I know you probably didn't mean it to be, but, it's nice to hear someone say, "When it's brain difference that causes it, some days will be good, and you'll wonder if you are continent and just lazy and/or crazy, unnnnnnntil a bad day happens. IC can misbehave, and be as inconsistent as it dang well pleases!"

Sometimes I lose bowel control, but I have been known to do it when I can choose not to but only at home.