Do you hold it for a flooding


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Do you hold it so you can flood your diaper? Ok just tinkle all the time? They both have there benefits.
Team Tinkles here.

Tinkling is how real toddlers use their diapers, so tinkling in my diaper does make me feel really little. Also, on a more practical level, tinkling reduces the chance of leaking and requires less effort than flooding, making the experience more calming and comfortable.
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I usually flood about once every 60-90 minutes, as it's hard for me to just "tinkle" a little at a time unless really relaxed. Though if feeling relaxed like that then I basically just do small spurts as I feel them which ends up being every few minutes.
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Tinkle in the last 1 1/2 hours peed 3 times
Most of the time I let a little out at a time. I enjoy the feelings of going potty in my diapers so I do it as often as I can during the day. But there are times when I decide to wait longer, even when it takes an effort, and have a much bigger potty all at once. I love feeling my pee flow down my boy parts and into my butt crack or pool right underneath it and then squish it against my boy parts if I'm standing up or sit down and fell it squish around my bottom.
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Flood 2 or 3 times then I just let it trickle out till I'm ready for a change.
I try to tinkle. Flooding a diaper often results in leaks.
Pee holding is a bit of a thing for me anyway. So I usually hold until I have to go and then change into a diaper and flood it. Maybe a second one too but I try not to do it as much after that first wetting though (and once I have the wet diaper on it's a little harder to hold anyway) so as to prevent leaks from it not being able to absorb as quickly. That first flood when the diaper goes all warm and starts to swell is just great!
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sometimes the hold is one of the best parts, untill I can't any longer and then it is the dam burst when I give in
How do you tinkle? I end up flooding because my body doesn’t want to go that often or doesn’t feel the sensation to go?
I tinkle, I prevent leaks that way and I control them if they end up happening. Besides, it's harder for me to go #1, so if I tinkle, I enjoy it for much longer and I feel I'm letting myself to relax and lose the battle 🤭🤭
I love just flooding my diaper. Usually doesn't happen too often during the day, maybe about three or four times. I've tried just tinkling, it doesn't work.
When I have my diaper on, my mindset is i wet whenever I need to, no matter what I'm doing or what position I'm in. That usually means tinkle, but sometimes its a stronger flow with more volume.
a little at a time for me