Do you have specific memories or attachments of yellow diaper padding?


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This might be a reach for some of you to relate to and a challenge for me to express clearly, but I suppose that's part of the allure to the subconscious...

Do you have memories or impressions that have imprinted on you from youth of wet diapers, specifically the inside of the pad saturated front to back with medium to dark yellow urine?

I encountered a picture in my wild gallops through ABDL porn land of a woman sitting at a toilet in a public bathroom. She has wet through her Goodnites and leaked through her jeans in public. A subsequent picture shows her with her Goodnites around her knees as she presumably finishes emptying herself in the toilet. It's noteworthy because the pad is completely saturated dark yellow, and I find that image independently provoking, calling back to my youth and pulling up memories that might be a common fixation.

I have located the image in my collection, but I do not believe it would pass Rule 10 on consent for a picture of someone else, so I won't provide it here. It was posted by someone going by "Emma".

And I can see a parallel to looking in a toilet and seeing soggy toilet paper, soaked yellow. I think this is directing me to recall some young dreams indicating a fascination with the appearance of an unflushed toilet. Toilets and their mere adjacency to potty training seem to be the common factor in most of my ABDL origin the more I think about it.
I will say I do like the idea of a diaper being saturated front-to-back. Usually, this is only achieved with such a slow and regular dribble of pee to where the absorbent material easily has enough time to fully absorb and wick the pee that far back. Any faster, and there will be a leak, if even just a compression leak from sitting down. I expect you'd either have to be an untrained child or incontinent adult to achieve that. This figure you're describing likely still oversaturated the Goodnite despite never flooding it. From what I understand, a Goodnite that is wet in the morning due to a sleepwetting issue is unlikely to handle an additional morning wetting without straining it to its leaking point. One plausible scenario for this figure (presuming the incident were not staged) is that she was incontinent and forgot to change or something happened where she didn't have time to change.
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