Do you have a really good barista?


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I'm coffee addict. Not espresso, cappuccinos and lattes. Just simple good coffee. I have this young girl (I thinks she's around 25 to 30) and when ever I see her, she always tries to get me something new. I always tell her I just want simple good coffee. But eventually I let her make something for me. I appreciate how she makes everything. I always tip her (every 5 buck tip). I even gave her a $100 tip during Christmas. And you know what? I'm starting to enjoy espresso. Kicks me and really starts my day.

Do you have a favorite barista? Every time I go I always look to find her. When I don't see her it bums me out. The other baristas are good too but she was the one who really got me to change my habits. If you have one, do they do something different for you?
I like how this is in the sexuality section… what is it that you’re doing with these baristas exactly? Lol

I’m my own barista. Or, depending on whether we’re on-topic for the sexuality section or not, my wife is my barista and she does great!
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Whoops...thought this was at Off-Topic.My bad.