Do you ever wonder what would be?

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It sounds kind of crazy but ever since I was 15, when ever I looked at a girl or women I always wondered what they would be like if they new I wore diapers, had to change me. Would they like it, would they treat me like a 30 year old or would they automatically act like I was little to them. I know it sounds weird, maybe I'm corkie but I always wondered that in a non perverted way.
I think it's a pretty big stretch to hope that anyone who isn't into this themselves will react that way just on their own. Thankfully, as we get to know people, we can contextualize differently and this can be enjoyable even to someone who doesn't feel that way inherently. It's generally going to be about the relationship and not the object for others.
Sometimes I get similar thoughts if I'm talking to women, more often with women who I'm already friends with. Got to admit sometimes now when I'm out and about I might see a woman and I start wondering to myself if she might also have ab/dl side. So there you go somewhat similar but not totally.

I know with me there is always a part of me that just wants tell certain people but equally there is a part of me that still prefers to keep it totally secret from everyone accept for a long term partner if I'm lucky enough to find another one.

I think for me personally these thoughts are partly due to my own frustrations where I don't believe there's anything harmful or wrong with my feelings about diapers and regression as long as they don't take over but I know for now many would find it weird and disturbing. it would be a lot easier if we could all be open about it without fear of judgement or ridicule but unfortunately we still live in a world where many just wouldn't understand.
When I'm driving or enjoying the outdoors, and I spot a lovely woman on the sidewalk or wherever, I often say to myself, "Honey, can you change a diaper?" I mean my own, of course, and not a baby's. I've had four or five genuinely beautiful women change me over the years; it's always an interesting experience.

One day, I was on public transport with my best friend and we both saw this gorgeous girl on the sidewalk. Without thinking, I said aloud, "Honey, can you change a nappy?" We were in London, and my friend looked at me strangely. "She could be the mother of my children!" I told him, a thought with which he heartily agreed.
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