Do you also feel that way ?


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Hello people of the world,
I’d like to share with you something that excites me all the time and I was curious to know if it was also the case for some of you..
I have got the privilege to afford any ABDL stuff that I need and at their best quality, however I always find it so exciting to go in a pharmacy and look at the diapers and pacifiers and sometimes purchase them even after knowing that I will almost never use them.
It is all for the purpose of the excitement and the humiliation of it.

Is it also your case ?
Please share with us a funny / humiliating story that happened with you when buying diapers / pacifiers or any of that. I’d love to hear 😊
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I enjoy going to a sop to look at the baby nappies, comparing the different brands and then buying a packet. In my mind, someone else is buying them for 2 year old me. :)
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