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I would consider myself mostly DL but I really love AB things like onesies, PJs, soothers, and now bottles. I have never fully age regressed but I have kind of tried without success. To be honest I am kind of jealous of those who can. I really want to explore my AB side but don't know where to start. Any suggestions on how to get into little space? I'm just so used to being an adult.
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Don't force it. Focusing on the feel of things, as well as info from my other senses, helps me.
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Regressing, at least to me, is a lot like when I was a little kid and I and my friends would pretend to be someone we weren't. Sometimes it was cowboys and Indians, or soldiers, pirates; whatever we were playing. Regression is sort of like that. You have to feel yourself becoming younger. You have to go into your childhood pretending brain and become the toddler or the baby that you want to be.

For me, just putting on a diaper enables me to open up that part of my mind and tap in. I can really feel babyish when I'm in deep regression. It may be a talent, linked to being able to write stories, something I do. It's that ability to leave this world and jump into the world of being a baby or a toddler just like a writer jumps into the imaginary world that they would actually like to be real.
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Bumping this.

I could use a healthy way to relieve some stress and relax. Thinking some little time may help. I'm traveling and will have a hotel room to myself. I got diapers, my tykables pajamas and I decided to bring a soother too.

As soon as I get to the hotel I'm planning on getting cozy for bed. But after that not sure. Maybe try to find a cartoon on Netflix.

Would like to hear from other people and what you do to feel little.
What you described sounds good.

Teddy bears are nice, and I love my Rearz adult baby bottle. Crayons and coloring books are fun too.
it isn't something that you can force. there is a little side in everyone just stronger in some people, so it shines through brighter more freely. focus on things especially activities that you find fun and enjoyable. let your mind fully explore these fun things and maybe your little side will just come through on its own. try not to judge it or worry what others will think, for the biggest block people have been worrying about how others will perceive them. it won't happen overnight for it takes practice to just let yourself go. starting with what is already there inside you and building from it could discover something amazing inside. everyone is unique so his and her little side is different, therefore don't compare yourself to others. good luck in finding your AB side.
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I wouldn’t try to force it. I know for me I’ve always been a DL over the years. There are certainly things that are more AB that I have enjoyed but I’ve just gone with the flow of it. Nursing is a big one and it’s something that my wife thoroughly enjoys also. Getting my diaper changed by her and suckling her makes me feel like a baby snd found that I thoroughly enjoy it also. The interesting thing is babying me is one of the things my wife has enjoyed. It has given her the opportunity to participate more fully in my DL desires. I’ve been kind of surprised how I’ve enjoyed some of it. I’ve always preferred the plain white diapers. She prefers the more childish, looking ones I’m OK with that. I don’t think there’s a solid line between AB and DL
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Maybe it’s not your thing. I’m mostly a DL myself and explored my little side as well but I don’t really enjoy playing with toys or watching most kids cartoons (I do enjoy some but I already did before I started exploring my AB side). I don’t use my paci anymore and I never really enjoyed drinking from a baby bottle. I do have plushies but lately I don’t really feel little anymore when cuddling with them but I still enjoy cuddling with them despite that. But that’s okay. Try to enjoy the things you enjoy. It’s great to try new things and you definitely should keep trying new things but there are a lot of things other people really enjoy that you simply cannot for whatever reason.
Update. Last night I got to my room and did just as I said. Got into a diaper, put on my pajamas, grabbed my soother and crawled into bed. I put on Madagascar and watched that until I felt sleepy. Turned off the TV and went to sleep. I don't know why but for some reason I had one of the best sleeps I have had in a while. Not sure if I felt little but i went to sleep not thinking about work or other stuff. I did feel relaxed. If I could only do this at home but can't at this time. My wife would probably not approve. Plus there is a chance that my kids would see it and I don't want that.
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