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DL from PV


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Living the life in Puerto Vallarta. I wear anytime I leave the house. I enjoy hiking swimming and many other activities. I'm known to be a bit of an exhibitionist with my diapers I am very confident with how I look and do not care what others think. Of course I do not project myself onto others rather find joy in just being happy and if that means hanging out in a diaper on the beach (covered) and or swimming in the ocean diapered is great !! Looking for friends to explore with diapered !! My fave diaper is the Haqui form 3. Made in Mexico and are in my opinion the best diaper ever !!
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Welcome to ADISC!
hello & Welcome to the site
What got you Intrested /started in diapers?
Bedwetter till 19 and so I wore diapers at night. Around 13 I started enjoying them more. Lol. And started daytime wearing when I could. Now I cannot leave the house without one. I don't sleep in them much less I'm drinking too much and then it's safe to wear one than not. But mostly for going out. I have a small bladder and overactive with weak flap so the doc says. They wanted to do surgery but I rather just deal with it. Plus diapers are so much fun !!!
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Hello and welcome from the Netherlands. I have a small bladder too, that's my excuse anyway. But really I just like wearing nappies.
It I don't wear I'm always having to use a restroom and in Mexico here you have to Pay to use bathrooms and it adds up. My diapers cost me 20 pesos each and are high quality Huaqi Form 3. And made in Mexico and affordable. It normal cost 10 pesos a piss here. 5 if your lucky so I am very frequent I need to go all the time and for comfort time saving and money savings I choose diapers over public restrooms. However timed voiding for the other non pee stuff helps keep you from having any issues when about your day Daily Enemas for the win !! Enjoy your diapers
@DevonD those look like awesome diapers. I just googled them and they look like high quality abdl diapers. I wish I knew this a few weeks ago when I was in Mexico.
I bought up over 1 years supply.. with one a day.. my entire closet is full! They really are Premium!
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Hi Devon D
Where do you get your diapers in PV?