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Watching encanto with my daughter and this time it’s really hitting my feels! Maybe I’m overtired 😂 but yeah feeling sad for mirabel and relating 😂 anyone else have this happen with Disney films?! Should definately come with a warning label
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I cried when Olaf melted
I still find it very difficult to watch the Fox and the Hound. If you’ve watched it, I’m sure you’ll know what scene I’m on about!
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I’ve not j think I’ll avoid it 😂 I can’t watch the tigger movie without crying though! I’m a softie
Yeah a couple of Disney movies hit me. The Incredible Journey and Old Yeller are 2 of them. They really got me. I think the older films were the ones that tugged on the heart the most.
Sadly I no longer do Disney or Hollywood.
Disney is very emotional. Maybe Looney Tunes shall help pull ya from the "ugs"? But good point!
I was just watching a Disney-made movie last night. Gosh! I think it triggered me because I can't remember what it was called or anything....!:ROFLMAO::oops: