Disk Measures (aka: why can't I upload video?)


To avoid the server's hard disk from becoming full, I've had to take a few steps to reduce our disk usage:
- Video and audio files can no longer be uploaded anywhere on our site. They were the biggest files that people were uploading, so no longer accepting them should help a lot.
- Conversations (PMs) no longer permit attachments. If you want to share images with your friends, please create a private album under Media.
- Previously uploaded large files (e.g: video attached to conversations) may be deleted to recover disk space.
- I've started a process of optimizing image attachments that should reduce the size of all uploaded attachment images by around 20%. This will take a few days to run on the server.
- The maximum size for file uploads has been reduced from around 50MB to around 25MB. Yes, this means you have an obligation to consider how big the file is, before you upload it.
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