Suggestion Discord Tab?

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Some users mentioned that they couldn't find the new invite link for Discord :

Prism - Today at 10:34 AM
Anyone got a copy of the new Discord Invite link?

HogansHeroes - Today at 10:35 AM
@Prism - It's at the top of the ADISC home page.

Prism - Today at 10:35 AM
@HogansHeroes Negative

HogansHeroes - Today at 10:36 AM
@Prism - Is the yellow banner not visible? is the link.

Prism - Today at 10:36 AM
Not kidding. It aint there.

Zelly - Today at 10:37 AM
Tp and i didnt get it either
Had to dig through lots of forum posts

HogansHeroes - Today at 10:38 AM
I bet it doesn't reappear if you've ever closed it. :/

Prism - Today at 10:38 AM
Didn't close it. Appeared once.

FluffyMastiff - Today at 10:38 AM
Only if Moo makes a change

Prism - Today at 10:38 AM
Best tooltip 2K16

HogansHeroes - Today at 10:39 AM
@Prism - It appears for me, so either the permissions are goofed for non-staff usergroups or it was closed. I'll make an admin stuff thread for it ...

Could we get a tab for Discord, like we had with Teamspeak? The tab could just link to a static page with the link.

If that isn't possible, can you force it to reappear for all users when you edit it?


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Adding my own two cents: I haven't seen the banner for Discord in some time, myself. I think that a permanent tab makes more sense, that way if someone loses the link they can just look it up again.
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