Dirty diaper changes

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Ok so my gf is used to me wearing diapers and she knows I wet them also. She spanks me, will put me in a clean diaper, and even let's me walk around the house in them. Is there away I can get her ok with changing me after I use the diaper? She doesn't really like the dirty diapers. At first she didn't know what to think about me wearing diapers at first anyways now she prefers me to wear them so is there a way I can get her used to changing me also?
"don't push your luck". is she ok with changing a wet diaper? if not maybe you can ease her into it by not wetting much to start with
She's changed my wet diaper a handful of times, I am trying to think of a way I can ease into it to the point she likes doing it. Like she wasn't sure about the whole diaper thing at first but now she likes it
Have an "accident"?
see if she's willing to change you in public, like in a handicapped single occupancy room somewhere
bambinod said:
"don't push your luck"


If you want to involve certain activities in your play together as a couple, you really need to discuss them openly with your partner.
I agree with the "don't push your luck" comment.

Let her ease into it. This isn't exactly something most people are into
Going to agree with everyone else. You've got a good thing, don't push it further. If she IS ok with messy diapers, she'll bring it up to you when she's ready. There is a huge difference in a wet and a poopy diaper. Weigh the risk vs. reward. She MIGHT on the very slim chance be ok with you pooping your diaper. Even less chance she'd be willing to change you. Much greater chance she freaks out and is very put off by even the idea of either, much less seeing you in one.
Maybe the best thing to do is to mess your diaper with her there. Then apologize to her for messing and excuse yourself to go and change your diaper yourself. If she offers to change you at that point - good. If not, just go ahead and change yourself in private.
Always be open and honest with your partner, if you discuss things who knows they may be willing to try.
PhycoKittyBoom said:
Always be open and honest with your partner, if you discuss things who knows they may be willing to try.

Yes i agree. It is always good to be open and talk about it.
This is a topic that should get more attention than it does. I've been a practicing AB for more than 30 years, so I've encountered my share of messy diaper situations.

Every caregiver will deal with these differently. I've had one caregiver put on a surgical mask because she couldn't handle the smell. Several have (quite properly) worn latex gloves. Only a couple of been very matter-of-fact during a dirty diaper change; both were older than me, had extensive experience dealing with messy kids and tended to see caring for me in the same light.

I think every AB or DL ought to have the 'dirty diaper discussion' with his or her caregiver well in advance of the situation. The plain fact is that a dirty diaper is not always avoidable, but ABs and DLs have (at least, for the most part) the ability to change themselves. As others have posted, I'd avoid 'pushing your luck' - if your caregiver is adamant about not changing you when you're dirty, you should expect to change yourself.

Over the years, I've had several caregivers tell me up front that if my diaper was anything other than wet, I was on my own. However, I only recall one time when a caregiver didn't actually make an attempt to clean and change me. If I've deeply regressed, I'm not always aware that I've gone, and sometimes the amount is negligible. In these situations, even the most reluctant caregiver will just try to clean you up and get you into a clean diaper.

If the caregiver takes changing messy pants in stride, then I enjoy dirty diapers as part of a regressive time. I find that I am still embarrassed as I'm cleaned and changed. If the caregiver is dreading having to deal with a bowel movement, on the other hand, the dread and reluctance tends to show each time they change me. In those situations, I'd rather change myself and allow the caregiver to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of big babysitting.
She's definitely not into the pooping in diapers as I don't do it much anyways but she's unsure of a wet diaper she changes me once and while wet I just would like it if she would do it whenever she checks me as she does on a regular basses
I would never forc anybody to change my diapers unless they wanted to, I'd let me as long as I got to know them well and built a relationship with them, I would reluctant to let the, change a messy one. I would actually feel embarrassed somebody changing me until I got used to it.
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