DirecTV has a baby channel...

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I don't really watch TV at all anymore unless it's for a specific show coming on such as Vikings, GoT, Black Sails, etc. But, after messing around with guide for a bit, I stumbled upon a channel dedicated to babies, as well as 2 more geared towards preschool age kids all placed near cartoon network and Disney Channel. I'm certain this is hardly news to members who have DirecTV but it's definitely new to me! I'm enjoying some night time programs with lullabies and very soothing nature pictures, art creations, and kids' drawings.

I don't regress much but I can totally dig this just for sleeping or relaxing. It puts me in an easygoing mood. No storyline to follow, no dialogue. Just entertaining little skits/animations with some catchy music fitting the scene. This is awesome!
the channel it the best it the main one i watch other than DVR sesame street.
Wow, if I ever get DirecTV I will have to check that out. Thanks T.T.F.N. (ta ta for now)
I know Verizon has those as well. It maay depend on your channel package you get though. But i've been getting into watching those channels more and more as i'm learning to let my little side out.
I found a lot on YouTube just search bed time stuff and bedtime stories.
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