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Hello all, I have recently gotten married and my wife and I have had some sexual difficulties. I am obviously into diapers (that’s why I’m on this site) but she is not. She participates and wears with me from time to time. Often times, when we try to have sex, I often have a hard time climaxing. I can sometimes get off by thinking really hard about diapers or sometimes (rarely) without any additional thoughts. We have had sex involving diapers and I usually get off within a few minutes. I am really hoping that this may be something that goes away with time? Maybe it doesn’t have to incorporate diapers every time? How do I change this so we can have a normal sex life? Just curious if anyone else has had this struggle. Thanks!


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Dl's have a type of fetish known as a paraphilia and it is usually sexually related. The fact that you have to be in or on nappies in order to achieve a quick finish or have to think about nappies whilst you try to make love with your wife would indicate that you have either fantasized about sex in nappies or have tried various methods of self-fulfillment whilst in nappies. Depending on how long this has been going on will depend on whether or not you can stop involving nappies in your love life. If you find it difficult or impossible to climax without one then you may have to accept the fact that nappies are now so closely tied in with love making that it would probably need a long course of therapy too help you work out your feelings and what attracts you to nappies. The only thing I can suggest is that you talk to your wife and see if there is something else that will help you, such as the smell of talc on her or you, or being able to touch a nappy whilst love making. I don't have this problem as I'm incontinent and wear for need so nappies are just underwear to me and I have no sexual attraction to them at all. I hope you can channel your feelings into something else and I wish you well.