Differences in diaper dimensions depending on the place (country) of production


Diaper brands are produced in different places around the world. Depending on the origin, size differences are caused by differences in manufacturing technologies. The same diaper produced in one country may differ in dimensions compared to the same diaper in another country.

Has that ever been compared before? Is there any list at all here to compare diapers in all shapes and sizes in terms of length, width and recommended/max hip size (up to the maximum stretch)?

For example, I'm curious to find out if there are small differences in Pampers Baby Dry size 8, depending on the country of manufacture. For example, I once read that there are differences in size between the German and English versions of the same diaper


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There are differences ... I'm going to be referring to adult diapers .

Different brands have different waist sizes for their Larges and Mediums.
Example: I can fit easily into a Medium ABU, but barely be able to fit into a Large QTTY .

I have tried diapers that where sold in many different countries ... it's always come down to individual manufacturer's specifications and sometimes region it's sold in.
Example: Japanese 'large' is so much smaller than a Canadian 'large'