did i brick my laptop?


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i got this old laptop that i wanted to reformat to see if it'll make it work any faster but after erasing the disk i'm now unable to install windows on it.
in more detail: i took out the disk, plugged it in to my desktop, formatted to ntfs, put it back into the laptop, made a bootable usb with windows 10, adjusted the boot settings in bios (you know, all the usual pre installation stuff) and then instead of "press any key to boot from usb or dvd" i got the blinking underline in the top left corner.

i made sure all the boot settings are correct and that the usb was recognized by the system, i tested the usb on my desktop, tried every solution found on google, but i still ended up seeing the blinking underline in top left corner.
then i decided to try my trusty old windows 7 dvd and got a different message that said something like "insert proper boot device and try again"

i reformatted plenty of computers and never had something like that happen. actually, i feel a bit embarrassed asking for advice but i really wanna get that laptop back up and running so i can sell it


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hey Alexia what you can try is to is to
1a also check how you made the USB drive if you are using win 10 you can use a program called Rufus to make the flash-drive bookable.
1. put the hard drive back into the desktop like you did disconnect any internet cables from the desktop we just want to get windows installed
2. let windows install just click custom and click next then let windows do its thing
2a if windows did install correctly remove hard drive from desktop put back into laptop see if it boots if it does connect it to the internet to let all apps and drivers download.
3. if you are seeing any error messages such as backup and replace drive that means the hard drive is failing.

I hope this helps Thanks Gabe.