Diaptember, anyone?


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So I'm a long-time recreational DL, and go through the usual cycles of interest and disinterest in diapers. When I get really into it I like trying to go 24/7 and see how far I can get before I get tired of it.
(Ic people and full timers, sorry I know this post isn't that relatable, feel free to roll eyes and move on)

Anyway I've been "off" for most of the summer but now getting more feelings to wear, I was thinking of seeing how far into September I can get wearing 24/7. My record to date is 8 days. I kind of like to keep track and all almost like it's a challenge.

Anyone do similar 24/7 runs once they get in DL mode?, Anyone planning to do a sprint soon?
I don't go full on 24/7 trying to break records but when the feelings come on I just roll with it. There will be times in the off season that I'll go 24/7 but it's usually just for a couple of days at a time then it's back to business and life as usual.
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I did 45 days after the most recent CAPCON. I had a bet w/ my partner and another couple about how long we'd last -- we had to make it to 30 days or my daddy would take my diapers away for a month and spank me. That definitely helped me get over the fears.

Overall it was a highly enjoyable experience, and I learned that diapers can be hidden from vanilla people quite easily. Also helps that my current job is full time WFH/Remote work.
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