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Has anyone bought the custom Japanese cloth/disposable diaper cover I’m looking at spending $70.00 plus just wanna know if it’s worth it or not DiaperU will make a custom size I can see me spending more then I should on like 5
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I placed an order for three onesies from them about two weeks ago. Still being shipped on the slow boat from China. If you can hold off...I will give update. Biggest concern is the variance in sizes, around 10" I think.
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Their onsies are super cute and very infantile looking but the size gap of 10" is what keeps me from buying them. I need a 35" length, 46" chest and a 38" waist. Their XLs have a 10" gap, that's too much of a hit or miss for me at this time. Nothing worse than a onsie that isn't snug and diaper supporting. I could drop down a size but that's a hit and miss too.
I'll wait for reviews on the sizing and fit, till then I'll stick with Tykables snappies. They are tried, true, super soft and comfortable.
DiaperU return policy should be revamped just because of the size gap.

Like how the f#$k is one supposed to know if it fits if they can't try it the f#$k on!
DiaperU return policy ⬇️


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I wish I could help ya out sorry !
Away love how cute them Japanese cloth diaper cover are , So sad that they just to pricey for me !! 😣
I'm happy with the snap shorts I bought from them, the size guide was perfect. I bought a medium short because that's what the sizing guide said. I would have guessed large.
The booties were bigger than expected though.
Can't help with the diaper cover specifically.