Diapers while playing sandlot football

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Tomorrow morning I am considering playing some touch football with some friends (none of whom know my underwear preference). I have been wearing 24/6 since my wife went out of town last Sunday and kind of want to keep my streak going. As I see it my options are:

1)Don't play
2)Break my streak and commit to big boy undies for an hour
3)Wear some super thin (and cheap, very, very cheap) plastic backed diapers that may crinkle a little but probably won't be felt unless someone credit cards me
4)Wear a slightly thicker (walgreens brand) diaper that is more quiet and hope nobody touches the middle 1/3 of my rump.

how about a decent clothlike pullup? that's probably going to hold up the best for that use and will be pretty stealthy
options 2 or 3 are the best

don't do 1 and miss social time
If I were you I would just break my streak and wear "big boy" undies just to avoid any embarrassments.

BTW..what did you choose to do? Enlighten us.
Depends real fit? They fit like underwear and pretty discreet. Plus if your shirt rides up they look like underwear. They'll hold for a couple hours too.
Or go without.
Depends real fit sounds like the best option to keep the streak going. Even with touch football no one would really know for sure if you are grabbed there nor are they probably thinking that anyways at the time. BUT, if touch turns to tackle your top cinch band in your dispoasable diaper will be displayed and you may have to reply to some side-line inquires that you have some "dribbles" when engaging in exertive sports and you wear some protection as a best option. Nowadays, I think most people would accept this and take it no further. Now if you proclaim you like to wear diapers to any quick questions, that opens up an entire new psychological social ping-pong group conversation.
Whenever I have a social event that I need to be uber discrete I wear a Depends Real Fit. I can get by with this for one wetting only, and if I am sitting it will leak. I wish they would add leak guards to the Depend Real Fit and increase absorbency by 15%
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