Diapers Under Medical Scrubs

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Does it work out too well? I've thought about wearing under my scrubs during at least one class since I'm not working in a facility yet, but I'm a bit antsy on it. Would I be able to wear a pair of Tena Super Stretch diapers under it, or should I go thinner? Should I not attempt it at all?
I doubt it would work well at all, unless they were a darker color. The medical scrubs thin nature would reveal what you are wearing underneath much too easily to feel comfortable wearing, especially in a work environment.
Being that I have no choice but to wear diapers under my clothes no matter what I was wearing, that being said I dont believe its the problem the majority would have you believe it is. Personally I have never had anyone notice my diaper in the last 10 years I have been 24/7 but I do tend to wear thinner diapers and I always wear underwear of some sort over them and in warm weather usually lean toward cloth backed diapers but have done plastic backed as well with little issue. I think you may want to rethink the tena stretch super because all american tena products tend to have extra padding in the back of the diaper which may show a little but then given the nature of scrubs being a bit on the baggy side it might not show at all. personally I use tena slip original, seni classic plus, depend, or tranquility ATN for work and the hardest part for me is changing because our shop has 28 mechanics with one stall in the only bathroom on the entire terminal. So long story short pick a thin diaper and wear underwear over it and you will be fine!
I personally wouldn't do it, purely on the grounds of infection control.
Just wear a pair of underwear over your plastic backed diaper I cuts the crinkle sound way down and helps to keep the diaper in place. It works for me when wearing loose shorts so it should do the same for scrubs.
I also wear scrubs during the day and have been toying with the idea of wearing diapers to work, especially as my days are very long and I find myself having to "hold it" for extended periods of time (which is quite uncomfortable)! I've worn to work before, but not when I'm wearing just those thin scrubs... I've tried wearing around the house under my scrubs and the diapers are way too noisy :(

I think I'll have to wear underwear over the diaper if I ever want to wear at work. The alternative for me is to wear a quieter diaper such as a Depends protection with tabs. I might try that tomorrow.
Considering how long you can be standing there without a break, I suppose this qualifies as a possible "practical place to use diapers", along with spacewalks and scuba diving etc.
If you get caught, you can always say you were inspired by the actual episodes of the show Scrubs that feature adult diapers. :eek:
ArchieRoni said:
If you get caught, you can always say you were inspired by the actual episodes of the show Scrubs that feature adult diapers. :eek:

Or the episode of Grey's Anatomy where they diaper up so they can last through a long surgery... On a separate note, Grey's Anatomy sucks, but my wife made me watch it.
Or Grey's Anatomy
I actually wore today under my scrubs. I think nobody was any wiser of it. That said, another tip regarding scrubs: If you are still jittery/nervous about buying diapers at a medical supply company, go in wearing scrubs. They will immediately assume you are buying it for a patient/client. I've done this before and they ask me to tell them about my patient and what kind of products are needed.
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