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Hi I wanted to know how I should be able to wear and hide and use diapers in college.
i wore when i went to college and as long as you don't mess and can change your diaper standing and don't wear really tight pants. I doubt anyone ever noticed all the time i wore and i even wore when i did a couple of class presentations.(and if they did they didn't say anything or treat me different)
If you are nervous about wearing diapers start with some pull ons they are designed to be worn discretly. just don't soak them
Mostly I just wear them at night, then take them off in the morning.
of course wearing around roommates and in a dorm setting have a number of additional considerations
It all depends on your individual living arrangements and your roommate. I recommend waiting a month or so to see how the dorm and your roommate are. I also recommend you take that time to get used to college life. It is a very big transition period and IMO you should make it a priority and not get distracted by diapers.
If you are not incontinent, do not wear in a shared dorm room. Although it may be comforting and relaxing for you, it will always be a distraction for your roommates, even if they say that they're cool with it.

The only exception to the above is if you live in an apartment style dorm where everyone has their own room, but a common living space. ( I would push to have one of these anyway.) You should be able to wear all you want, but you MUST remain discreet and maintain sanitary conditions. For example, always wash or dispose of diaper prompty (in outside trash bins) and conceal the diaper while in the common area. A good idea is to also keep the diapers in a locked storage container in your room.

When your roommates eventually notice, depending on the situation, claim bed wetting or say that you've been having problems for awhile and need the protection. Do not claim incontinence or any other issue. Unless you have seen a doctor that has recognized your incontinence, do not claim you are. Just in case your roommates make a complaint, you do not want anything that will go against you. The worst they will probably do is move you to a private room, unless you are caught defrauding the system.

Outside of the dorm, it should be pretty easy to wear all you want. I am a commuter and wore diapers for months to class and around campus without anybody noticing or saying a thing. Again, just remain discreet, and nobody will know.
Just be happy it isn't forty years ago.

I was a bedwetter in college and wore thick cotton diapers under horrible vinyl "incontinent pants" bought at medical supply stores. No hiding that from a roomie. Nor was there any hiding the large diaper pail I needed to keep in the closet if I didn't want to have to do laundry every single morning. I'm actually amazed I managed to hide them from everyone else for the two years I lived in college housing!
As a freshman in a dorm, I'd keep it quiet and discreet, or not at all if that isn't possible without revealing things to roommates. If you just wanted to sleep with them, you could claim to be an occasional bedwetter, which gives you the option of using and disposing quickly, but also of wearing and not using. Does pretty much commit you to wearing every night though. You could also keep it quiet and just admit to a roommate that it's a psychological need if you get caught and leave it at that. It's not really harmful and I think a lot of people at college are pretty tolerant.

After the first year, you can see if you can move in somewhere with people you know and like, or find your own place depending on your financial situation, which could free you up to indulge a little more.

I personally was too nervous to ever buy diapers while I was in school with roommates. I waited until I could get my own studio before indulging.

Just be happy it isn't forty years ago.

I was a bedwetter in college and wore thick cotton diapers under horrible vinyl "incontinent pants" bought at medical supply stores. No hiding that from a roomie. Nor was there any hiding the large diaper pail I needed to keep in the closet if I didn't want to have to do laundry every single morning. I'm actually amazed I managed to hide them from everyone else for the two years I lived in college housing!

Was your roommate cool with it?
As others have said, it can be done, just be respectful of others (especially if you're wearing in a dorm) and be mindful that it'll take some work. I wore to campus a few times (I lived off campus) and it was a lot of fun. But, I didn't do anything crazy. Good luck!
I go to college and wear diapers every so often to class. I even would talk with my professors in great length without any question. You just have to good at public bathroom changes in the stalls. I can't really help you if you live in s dorm since I never really lived in one. I just live at home. In all reality, no I e will notice in class that your wearing since wearing diapers will not cross any of there minds so they won't think to really stare in that area.
For me, the urges to wear diapers all but completely disappeared for the first few months of my freshman year. After I'd developed a routine and just generally gotten comfortable with my new surroundings, the urges returned. At that point, I was using baby diapers exclusively, and I just lined the bottom of my underwear drawer with them. I figured my roommate would be nearly as mortified to be caught going through my underwear as I'd be to have him find my diapers, so I didn't worry too much. Part of my non-worrying was also due to my roommate's being something of a party animal, not at all interested in hanging out in our dorm room. He slept there, and that was about it.
I just finished my freshman year. Only wore in the dorm a few times when my roommate would leave for the weekend cause he lived close to campus, and I wore on my 7 hr drives back home over breaks. Even though I was out of my home and away from parents for the first time I still held back. Got my own off campus studio apt for next year so I finally am gonna have the option to wear when I want to and not worried or panicked when I do.
and I wore on my 7 hr drives back home over breaks

Road trippin' diapered is awesome. stopped once for gas, but didn't have to brave the gas station bathroom :D
I'm in college myself and having the issue of "how do I use diapers without my roommates knowing?" One of my roommates knows I'm a Little and she's OK with it, but she has no idea that I'd be interested in trying diapers or anything like that. My other roommate, I'd never tell her. We live in a fairly small apartment together. I'm all trying to figure out the logistics of where I'd hide my diapers, when I'd use them, how I'd plan it out so that no one would walk in on me changing or something like that... until I'm living on my own (and who knows when that'll be) I'm not sure there's going to be a safe place for me to even try diapers. I'm bummed out about it.
Hi there! I wish you really well in your move to college. My first piece of advice is not to allow diapers to get in the way of enjoying and discovering all the great stuff in college - new friends, new activities, rigorous and hopefully fulfilling studies, etc. Don't let diapers make you a hermit, and if you think they will it's better to give them a break.

I had roommates all throughout my 4 years of undergrad, and they were all very cool about it. Of course, after my freshman year, I was able to choose my roommates. I simply told them I needed to wear diapers. It was a true statement, and I never elaborated beyond that. I'm pretty sure they all thought it was purely physical need, which is one component, and need for you is still need, even if you're not physically incontinent.

With that said, I was very careful to honor and respect my roommates in many ways. I'm sure they knew I was diapered most of the time, but I made sure never to change diapers in the dorm room with them present. I always carried a couple clean ones in my backpack, and I looked for some less-used public restrooms on campus and changed often in those restrooms. I also got to figure out the rhythm of my floormates' schedules and when the restrooms on the dorm floor would be busy and when they would be empty for changing. Also, I got to know my roommates' schedules and when I would have the dorm room free for changing.

In the dorm room, I also discreetly stored my diapers - in my suitcase, above ceiling tiles, etc. It's all about respect and care, and if you treat it like it's no big deal, then your roommate likely won't care or mind. People in college are far too busy dealing with their own stuff to worry about what underwear you have on.

The most important thing is to not let diapers rule your life. Don't let them make you miss out on the joys of college life and the fun of having a roommate. Wear them as you need to but go on, go out, and have fun! It's not an either-or situation but a both-and, with a little planning, forethought, and respect you CAN make it work.
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For me, it's a bit easier because I commute to the local community college, so I can hide them in my room at home and in my car. I wear just about every day and seriously no one notices. I wear thin baggy pants too and have done group projects and no one has given me a second look or weird vibe or anything. For a dorm setting, it might be a little more difficult. Maybe try hiding some in your car if you have one, or even below the bottom drawer of your dresser wen your roommates are gone. That's where I hide mine and my parents have no clue. Good luck!
I just recently graduated from college and I was lucky enough to never have to share a room a with anybody and I could basically wear whenever I wanted.
If you have roommates you should be able to wear them just as long as you hide them while your wearing and you change when they are not around in the room. As for hiding them make sure you put them in an area that are easily hidden. I put mine in a large chest that I had with a lock on it.
I mainly wore diapers on the weekends and on nights where I did not have to go anywhere the next day.
I hope I helped.
Was your roommate cool with it?

I had two different roomies before moving out to live in an apartment, and both were fine with it. I honestly can't remember how I managed to get the diapers down three flights of stairs to the basement to wash them though...
I generally did not have bed-wetting accidents at night after age 10 or 11 until I went to college. Though stressful the first week I had an understanding roomate and housing administration that recommended I wear protection at night. My roomate was more concerned the hallway jerk would find out and razz him and me about it incessantly (the guy was a real ass and loved to make fun of anyone or anything he could find). I kept it very discreet but several times he would see me in my protection or a few times he came in while I was changing into my diaper and plastic underpants. Being that we also changed into our underwear, jockstraps and other clothes in front of each other it was not a big deal. I kept it all beneath my regular underwear in the drawer.

Sometimes I woke up wet and late to class so my loose fitting jeans and a tee shirt were fine unitl I made it back to the dorm to change.

If you share a bedroom with another person it is going to be very difficult to keep your 'indulgence' hidden for a long period of time and not get noticed at least once. but if that happens just tell that person you were trying to keep it discreet and hope it doesn't bother him / her; it is something you need to wear.
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