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So basically. I have been selected by the school to go on this cadet thing where I stand there for one or two hours completely still. Should I wear some goodnites underneath just in case? =P
I would have no choice. Of course I would
I always wear diapers in places where it's hard to go to the bathroom like concerts or festivals. When there's a lot of people it's so relaxing not having to find a bathroom.
Just take note of the situation that you will be standing still in. Will it be under the sun, therefore hot and humid? Will you be standing close to each other such that people will have the chance to 'stare' at your pants for the whole hour?

I see that you are incontinent. If your friends already know, then fine, go ahead. If they don't, then I suggest you try some incontinence pads. It is just for that short while, after all.
I'm just going to say it. No. Get some better diapers. Goodnites aren't all that great imo. They're really thin and can leak easily. If you're SERIOUSLY incontinent, I'd look into something better x). Though as far as noticing them goes, they are easy to cover up with no one noticing.
I have worn diapers in just about any situation you can think of. And no one has noticed, not even some of my friends that do know that I wear diapers. No one will be able to tell, so if you want to wear then go for it. But if you think that it will be used, do not wear a goodnight. It is not made to hold adult wetting and may leak on you and then you will be there standing in wet pants. Then people will notice. Be safe wear a diaper that is made for adults.
Note said:
Why not they're only Goodnites, not as if they're that noticeable... Besides, you're IC, you kinda have to, don't you?
Lozza1979 said:
If you're incontinent as you are according to your profile, then yes, I would have thought you need to.
Not necessarily. It depends on the level of incontinence, as well as the type of incontinence. My sister and I joke that we're sharing a bladder, and I have 80% control, and she has 20%, so, I don't wear. Laundry is just a given, but on a bad day, or a day when I'm actually kind enough to my body to drink enough, I've soaked completely through. You let me get sick, or dizzy, and hello bowel issues.

That being said, in that situation, I'd be protected. I'd hate to have a flair-up day at the same time as something that important, and cool! Have fun, okay?
Yeah if I were you I would just wear a diaper better safe then sorry plus they are comfy and you know you won't leak if you use a good brand of diapers beats worrying about needing to use the bathroom even if someone did notice who the heck cares if adults weren't supposed to wear diapers they wouldn't make them right?! So I say go for it buddy.
Sorry I should've done some explaining and my profile is not that updated and I don't know how to do it.
I have weak bladder control and I leak occasionally; I wear pads.
I mean I do have some molicares buT They are a size too big for me and the pants wi'll not be exactly baggy so if I do wear one I guess it would be kinda noticeable.
Should I still wing it? =p
Wear the diapers as no one will know. Better to be safe, than sorry! Then, at least if you have an accident, you are protected.
Why, oh, why is it that so many DLs and incontinent people seem obsessed with the notion that the fact that they are wearing any kind of protection will be noticed by all and sundry? The plain fact is that 99.99% of people will never notice!

If you need to wear, then you should, for your own peace of mind, if for no other reason. I know that in any kind of similar situation I would and quite frankly, I wouldn't give a damn if someone did notice. All that is required is some kind of loose fitting clothing to hide any bulge. You should have no need to worry. Better protected than having wet pants!
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Get and wear premium diapers, most people will never notice but there are a few that always check the front of pants to see if there is a buldge. But they are few and far between, just wear pants that are not snug and a longer shirt and youe will be fine.

Wearing protection is now a fact of life for us with bladder issues, so once you get use to the fact that you have to wear for medical resons them all will be fine. When you first start to wear youe feel like every one is looking but after a short while youe will realize no one is and changing in public and wearing in public will be a piece of cake.

You will even get to a point that whe you wet you won't freak out as you will be trusting your premium diapers to do their job I have had a surge while standing and talking to some one a few times and since I now accept and trust my protection there was no reaction on my part and the person never knew an accident had happened

Get protected and relax all will be good
It's tomorrow!! Can't wait for my first time wearing an adult diaper in public :))
babybroooke said:
It's tomorrow!! Can't wait for my first time wearing an adult diaper in public :))

Don't Worry, Be Happy!
All will be good, enjoy your day and trust your diapers I'd you have premium diapers, and remember don't worry if you start to pee juat carry on with what you are doing don't look down or check for leaks while it's happening. Just relax let the diaper do its job. If you have a spare diaper with you take it with you to the bathroom and change or if you are using a level 4 Abena your probably good for a few wettings. Just remember not to push the diaper to its max capacity. Most premium high capacity diapers you can handle several wettings before you need to change.

But while you are leaning about diapers is what size or version is best for you it might be wise to change more often then not.
You should be fine! I wear everyday to school (college) and wet and no one notices at all. Like it's been said plenty of times before, no one will notice unless you bring unnecessary attention to that specific area of your body. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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