Diapers during sleep overs


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Did you ever wear a diaper at a sleepover, if so what happened?(Question on quora.com)

Yes, back in 1986 when I was 6 years old my peareants dropped me off at my friends house for a couple of nights for a sleepover because my freinds where having a birthday party, Janeene who was my friend's mom/Stepmom had a rule that anyone visiting the house and particularly children,
staying the night had to wear diapers/nappies, this was particularly true because she didn't want to risk having her tidy and clean house with bispoke furniture spoilt by accidents the you must wear diapers rule was for guests was introspective of what age they were and wever or not they had been toilet trained or not.

and so I was put into a pampers XXL toddler plus/babydry diaper, I remember how bulky it felt between my legs and how the plastic felt cold but was so silky on the inside also I do remember blushing at first with embarrassment, however after a few minutes into wearing it I felt so comfortable and warm I forgot my embarrassment and started to enjoy it as it felt so good to be back in a diaper and be treated like a baby again,

even if it made me look like a toddler again as it was very thick and made me waddle like a duck and crinkle every-time I moved although I loved the feeling of being back in a place where there was no stigmas attached to wearing them felt good.
Ganeene was a nurse/caregiver at the local hospital in the pediatric ward so had a plentiful supply of diapers in a cupboard in the spair guest bedroom/nursary, mentioning that day everyone else was also made to wear diapers so there was no embarrassment.

and being small for my age had some advantages as I I had to sleep in a city/crib just like a baby which also meant being changed from time to time on a diaper changing table which I didn't mind one bit and I also enjoyed the nights sleep being in something other than my usual underpants or dandare boxer-shorts.

I remember going back many times over the next 4 years, until the age of 9.5 when I sadly outgrew baby sized diapers and the crib for me this was my little slice of heaven.
And nowerdays as a adult who has disabilities and a genuine medical condition and particularly one who has to wear diapers/nappies from time to time periodically through no fault of my own,
I wish I could turn back the clock and go back to a simpler and more innocent time, Genene died in 2000 aged 80 something and sadly I had Also lost contact with her before then because after the age of 10, I moved abroud with my peareants to another country, however looking back I wish I could do it all again.
Yours sincerely