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Has anyone ever ordered from diapers.com?
It just occurred to me that perhaps they don't ship discreetly. I'd hate to have an order come in to my college mail room with the logo diapers.com on it!!
Your order will come in a box with diapers.com printed on it. Best bet for ordering the products they sell at a good price with discrete shipping would be Amazon.
Has anyone ever ordered from diapers.com? It just occurred to me that perhaps they don't ship discreetly.

Generally, I wouldn't expect discreet packaging when ordering baby products. Parents of young children don't care whether their neighbors and friends know that a package is full of baby diapers. Why, then, would sellers bother with discreet packaging? Amazon might improve your chances, but if the product fulfillment is not from Amazon itself, then all bets are still off.

Out of curiosity, what are you planning on buying? I suspect that most of what you could buy on diapers.com could be gotten from a Babies 'R' Us store, a maternity store, or someplace else you could just drive to. When it comes to actual baby stuff, the potential for instant gratification usually overwhelms any desire I have to order online. I just go to a physical store.
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That is a website that would not think about discreet shipping since,

1) A baby does not care what he/she wears and neither do the parents

2) For babies, there is nothing secretive about buying diapers, crib, etc.

3) Cheese

These are my reasons that I can come up with. If you want a list of online websites you can order from that ships discreetly, check this link out: http://www.adisc.org/forum/showthread.php/87433-Websites?p=1213601#post1213601
Diapers.com is intended for the following:

Parents with little kids
Parents who plan on having kids
Foster parents
Welfare babymakers

Diapers.com is NOT intended for the following:

Adults who wear diapers regularly
Sheltered Suburban Children who happen to have "generous proportions"

As such; until his kids grew out of diaper; my boss wouldn't shut up about the site. He flapped his lips like a stoner running a growery.
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