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I'm just wondering if anyone has bought anything from diapers.com I'm sure that someone has, but I've found a couple of items that I'd like to maybe get.

My main worry is how items are shipped.

  • Does the shipping box show diapers.com, or anything related to diapers or anything like that?
  • Is the shipping box just the normal brown box?
  • Anything else that might give away what could be in the package?

I'm still quite on edge about all of this stuff. More so with what I might be buying with this order.


I placed this here, since it could fit into more than one spot. And, umm, it's part of what I'm thinking of ordering. :blushie:

Last time I checked. (I've never ordered anything from them though keep that in mind.) They have branded boxes that say "Diapers.Com" on the side of them. In fact for the longest time their commercials used to show their boxes, dunno if they still do or not though.
So I contact diapers.com and ask them directly, this is the reply that I get :lol:

---- Original message: ----

Hello. I was wondering how packages are shipped? Are the boxes discreet or do they have print on them showing the website/company name?

Thank You.

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Diapers.com. I'd be more than happy to assist you about your inquiry.

The box then travels to the Tape & Dunnage station,where it is packed securely with bubble wrap. After the order is packed, the box is put on a trailer, it’s marked as shipped and the customer’s credit card is charged.

I hope that I was able to answer your question regarding how packages are being shipped.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach us at [email protected] or 1-800-342-7377. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Diapers.com, A Familyhood Site

I have no clue what to say. I guess it does explain "how the packages are shipped" but... I'm speechless and can't help to shake my head with an awkward smile :laugh:
I don't know if they knew what discreet meant. Maybe they thought it was another word in the shipping industry.
Hi FluffyMastiff,
It may be that you triggered a computer-generated, ' robo-response ' with the initial part of your e-mail '... how packages are shipped. '
I have, in the past, added something completely absurd to an e-mail and sent it again. If you get the same reply back, then you know that nobody is actually reading the e-mail you send.
Try something like, " Hello. I was wondering how packages are shipped? Are the boxes discreet or do they have print on them showing the website/company name? Are the dead mice individually wrapped ?, and are they suitable for laboratory disection ?
Thank You. "
If they send the same reply after a question like that, it is a safe bet that no human is looking at, or replying to your e-mail.

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I sent another reply shortly after, sorry I forgot to update it here :sweatdrop:

This was sent by a different person this time.
Thanks so much for your email. Let's see what we can do to assist you with these questions concerning our packaging right away.

Some Diapers.com order are sent in branded boxes, so the recipient would no where the items were purchased, however, they wouldn't know what product was packaged inside the box.

Once again, we hope this information about our packaging helps. Thanks again for your email and thanks for choosing Diapers.com.

Either way, I ordered what I wanted. Making sure that I choose my address instead of my dads :lol:
I'm pretty sure that Diapers.com was one of the very first companies that Amazon bought when they decided to expand and be more than just an online book store. My guess would be that Diapers.com would use the same discretion as Amazon, but I could be wrong.
oh yeah that's right. I forgot they did that. I should have my package Friday sometime :)

I might post a couple of images showing what I got :blushie:
Okay, so I got my package today, and here's how the box looked like :|


Sides 2x: (shipping label edited out)

Top/bottom just had the shipping label and tape.

So if you're looking for 100% discreetness, diapers.com would be a give away of what could be in it.

Luckily, my UPS driver decided to sit it in front of the door, with the top/bottoms towards the other houses, could have been worse. LOL
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