Diapers and a union suit!

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So, I received diapers, booster pads and wipes few days ago. (tranquility ATN) Ever since I got married, I haven't worn as much. So, my wife (who doesn't know I wear) and I are going to the mall to Christmas shop. I just took a shower and diapered up! I did try using the booster, but it looked really bulky and when it gets wet, yea even more bulkier. I took out the booster and left it at that. I bought a couple pairs of the small red tartan union suits from 2(x)ist. https://www.2xist.com/p/040724/tartan-cotton-union-suit.html. So, I'm wearing a diaper, the tartan union suit, jeans and a sweater. I'm so content right now. You can hear the diaper a little bit but the washer, dryer, and dishwasher is running right now and you can't hear it. Plus, after the diaper gets a little wet, the noise usually gets drowned out. (HAHA). After shopping, we are going to dinner then out to the zoo lights. I don't plan on staying the diaper all day. After it gets filled I can just take off the diaper and toss it.

Anyone else wearing today and going out and about??

Side note. I love diapers just for the padding when I sit. I have a boney butt. Ugh..
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