Diapered Mass of People Riding Seoul Metro ... for Depends Advert


  1. Diaper Lover
I saw this advertisement in Korea for Depends and it gave me some hope... they pulled a stunt where a huge group of pe people boarded the metro wearing diapers without their pants/skirts on.


It seem the people in the ad were not actors and were also not incontinent themselves. Instead, they were people who knew others that were incontinent, and they wanted to support them by showing society that it's not a big deal to wear diapers.

My brain exploded when I saw this. It is an advert. But also, a nice message. There is a big social stigma about diaper wearing and unfortunately I think a lot of people got upset by the commercial. Not sure how much has changed since (it was 8 years ago).

Have any of you seen it, or seen anything like this?

Here is a link to a news article and the video:
article: https://ohfun.net/?ac=article_view&entry_id=6678
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